Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilder

Here is the first step in Z-Brush. I’m doing the muscles fibers and after I will do the veins and all the stuff on an other layer. So the rendered version(with mental ray) is just a test, so the veins will be redone. I will also do an animation of displacement maps blending togheter when muscles will contract. So stay tune more to come :wink:




great model, very clean, ill be looking out for the updates.

dang this looks amazingly good!

great likeness, will be following this one with interest :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Now if we could only swap this model in for governer. The ZBrush community could rule the world!!!

thank you guys! I will update it probable next week, I didn’t have lot of spare time. More to come!

With no doubt this is one of the best models so far in this forum, especially the fact that your model is anatomically so correct, which is not easy at all. It is a lot harder to build a human. Thumbs way way up :+1: :+1: :+1:

This deserves to be showcased - Front page material.

I can;t belive it that this already had over 150 views, and I am the first to rate this image.

5 stars :wink:

Here is a little update. Rendered in mental ray in max 8.




Hey man, it looks great, although the real one looks a bit more flabby these days :smiley: schwarzenegger_then_now.jpg

Dude, he is almost 60 years old…what do you expect?

ignore my babbeling, great work

Nice start! Looks like him…
Clean model…

Wow, your model could easily replace him as an old fart for the new T4 movie, eh? Incredible modeling work, looks just like him. I wonder if this is the start of something big like making movies with the old actors again?

How about Errol Flynn, Clark Gable, Elvis, James Dean…?

A fantastic work of art. Great sculpting. Big fan of Arnold anyway, you did him justice.:+1: :+1: :+1:

Hard to believe. Before the election he was still buff. I guess he hasn’t lifted anything heavier than a cigar since. Just goes to show how many hours it took him to maintain. Jack Lalaine is still buff in his 90s but he is the first one to admit he’s insane. Most body builders by 50 go this route so he held off for quite a while. Lifting three to five hours a day burns a lot of calories. Most can’t stop eating when they stop lifting. They have super efficent bodies that can and should live on very little food. Just hard to go on a radical diet once you stop working out. He was still the best there ever was in body building and everyone admits it. Name another sport where 40 years later no one has beaten you?

Here is a little ipdate



I remember seeing the terminator version of this on another forum a few months ago. The likeness is very impressive. Is it possible to see some wires of the mesh?

I will post update soon with a wire shot to. thank you

This is a really excellent 3D likeness, especially if you know that likeness are one of the few more difficult things to do. Congrats to you.

Since it’s obvious you know your path, I’m looking forward for this Swcharzy done. :wink:

Bye !