Hi ,I still have a way to go on this guy but I thought that I would let you see him at this point.


This is very nice! I realy like the overal form of this ape. Also the the wrinkles around mouth and eyes are very detailed. Are you going to put any fur to this ape?

Ok Have a good one!

Javier Loredo.

Hey, that’s looking good so far! Keep going! :+1:

Great job!!!

I would have thought you had your fill of apes:D

Very nice. As usual.

Great Start. Reminds me of the Silver Back Apes. Very Nice.


I just wanted to say your work has always inspired me, the puppetry, makeup, film and now the digital work. And all through the years you have remained successful doing what you love.

I look forward to seeing this model progress, it looks awesome so far.

  • darrell

Looking great Rick!

I am looking forward to following this one too!



Hmmm… me like!!! :+1: :laughing: :+1:

You have mastered all mediums. 50.

Ahh the ape exercise… Really cool…

Do you have any special cg plan for the hairs? or you will do it on photoshop?

Hello mm,

great start. One of my favorit pic’s from you is the white gorilla
in the book »Planet of the Apes«


Ralf Stumpf

Hi Mm!

Glad to see that one, i´ve already been waiting :smiley: !


Very cool, I can’t say anything bad about it. It’s great. :+1:

Hi Friends thanks for looking,nice to hear from you. Here is another image kind of dark but I thought interesting that way.
Seb I’m not sure what I’m going to do about the hair I want to animate this guy but only have sas light in LW and it is limited in what you can do. I was thinking of just having sparce patchy hair, like a gorilla I saw many years ago in the Central Park Zoo.
Bicc39, You would think that I would be sick of apes wouldn’t you.
Stumpf, That image that you like of the white gorilla was one of many that I did in two weeks durring my design time on Apes. When I finish this guy and rigg him I will do an image of him in a similar pose for you.
Thanks again everyoneape27comp.jpg

Hey Rick,
This is off to a really great start and then some.
He looks strong, noble, and kind of handsome for a gorilla, if one can say that.

He has very nice lines to his profile, the general forms are quite pleasing, the musculature is powerful, and the details are fleshy, natural, well worked, and from what I am seeing, ground-breaking in some ways for a non-scanned-cg-sculpt. You’ve done an amazing job with this and it has set the bar.

I also like the angle you’ve put to the eyes and lids.

This is a labor of love if there ever was one. And I could hardly expect one to tire of a creature so full of so many beautiful qualities as those found in an ape.

If you really feel you have a way to go on this one, I can’t wait to see where it will end up. Heck, it’s pretty sweet at this point.

Keep going if possible. I am dying to see where you take it and the animation as well.
How did you do the subtle texture on his frontal bone, around his Saggital crest and temples? Subtle and nice.

The darker render is a nice touch as well.

Are those corneal bulges on his eyes??
You didn’t miss anything on this one:+1: :+1:

Five stars for this one.


Great head. I like the expression.

I think he would look great as a bronze statue in a nice tropic vegetation/Zoo scene. Once in a while scaring the living daylights out of poor passers by. Specially the little girls with the candy canes and crayons! I am sure Bicc39 would love that idea! Would be a cool animation project.


Hey Rick,

Awesome work as usual.

I was just curious, now that you are fairly fluent in 3D sculpting etc., do you directly put any of your 3D creations in any films? (or something you’ve worked on in a 3D app), or do you still prefer to work with something tactile, and leave the 3D for others?

Thanks for your continual input to this forum, you are truly inspiring.


Hey Rick,

As usual, great sculpting:+1:


Hi, I did a test using displacement maps from ZB and rendered in Modo. added some quick eyes and teeth. now I’m going to paint the texture map.

Mr.monster I used all kind of techniques too many to explain now because I want to paint my maps. but I recorded the process for a Gnomon DVD.Ill send you one.

Lemo, I actually have a bronze mountain gorilla bust that I sculpted on permanent exhibit at the LA Zoo so I found your response funny.

jit_gohil, I see the 3D stuff that I do as a design tool more than anything .Plus I’m having fun playing with it.apemodow-eyes-.jpg