Any interest in IMM embroidery brushes?

I usually work with Marvelous Designer, making garments, but have been exploring ZBrush for making the decorations for them. I have come up with a number of Inssert Mesh brushes that recreate embroidery stitches. They are probably (quite!) crude and could stand touching up by an expert, but (IMHO) for a beginner, they look just like the real things. Meant for high poly detail work, since I usually do still images and am not concerned about poly count, they could probably be baked down for low-poly work, I suppose.

(I should mention that the Satin Stitch is based on an idea by dmitry7365 in his thread… it helped me get the look I wanted…my original ‘Satin Stitch’ looked more like a ribbon, as I couldn’t figure out how to taper the ends, until I studied hos posting with screenshots of his work.)

(The red circles in the first piccie shows where the links break… I haven’t figured out how to fix that, except to not do as sharp turns as I would like.)







Some really nice stitches you’ve made, to fix the gaps is easy, just turn on the ‘Weld Points’ Button, & the ‘Stretch’ Button in the Brush / Modifiers panel.

Nice work, you should add them to the [Insert Multi Mesh Repository


AH! Okay… thanks for the tip! I knew there was a lot to learn still!

I’d be very interested in your stitch IMM brushes… purdy please! :smiley:

(Heh, I had thought I had these posted in the IMM Repository,… guess I failed to do so. :rolleyes:)

Anyway, here’s the link for the ones shown above. I am now retired and hope to get back to making more fairly soon, so keep watching this space…