Announcing ZBrushCore

Nice … excited to see what you all have been working hard on For us creatives… Im looking forward to this years zbrush summit… Hopeing to learn some new tips tricks to add to my workflow… Thanks so much for your efforts it’s very much appreciated… Even after all these years I always look forward to what you have been thinking up and implementing for us artist to surprise us with… :slight_smile:

By the description I guess it’s the ZBrush equivalent of Maya LT (a strongly cut down and reduced version).

I would love ZBrush 5.

Yeah I mean Zbrush doesn’t announce stuff often so obviously. Still, though, I wish the announcement had been slightly less… streamlined : P

I feel this would be awesome for Education sector as well!

pls make a free version for kids!

Hmm, very interesting, I wonder where Zbrush 5 sits in all this?


hope its free, cos we don’t need any “core”… For now ZBrush was the main program in our life… …

I hope that it will be work better with my Surface Pro 3. Now it is hard to work on tablets with interface based on shortucts and small menus.

I cant even figure out what this is.
Is it something to bridge the gap between Sculptris and ZBrush?
Im totally confused.

It’s a streamlined version, fewer features, for more people to get into it. This is a good thing. :+1:

God, aren’t we all?

IS THERE NO WAY TO DELETE A POST??? I wanted to quote something and this shows up as a duplicate post.

Come on, where is the DELETE POST hiding???!??!?!?!?!??!?!


Welp thats unexpected

I guess Im glad I already know ZBrush, this would just make life more confusing.

I think with Dynamesh and a good collection of brushes the program will be already amazing for sculptors.

From the description it sounds like this is just a trimmed-back and refocused version of the ZBrush already available, which I believe means that VR support won’t even be possible without a complete rewrite of the engine.

VR support?
What would that do? Put your monitor inside of goggles?
Is this even a consideration?

Im having an entertaining time trying to imagine being inside of ZBrush…

This stripped down version could be the killer VR app. Just sayin…


Im having an entertaining time trying to imagine being inside of ZBrush…

Hopefully not being sculpted… :smiley:

+1 for a HTC Vive version!