Announcing ZBrushCore


Pixologic is pleased to announce ZBrushCore®, a streamlined version of ZBrush designed for all artists and enthusiasts of both traditional and digital art. At its heart, ZBrushCore functions the same as ZBrush. Every skill and technique learned and applied in ZBrushCore will carry over seamlessly to ZBrush.

Because ZBrushCore is also a stepping stone to ZBrush, there is an upgrade path. Anyone who purchases ZBrushCore may upgrade to ZBrush at any time and receive a $100 discount off the regular ZBrush price. This will be done through the My Licenses portal, with the option being enabled upon the release of ZBrush 4R8.

The award winning ZBrush® is the leading software for professional sculptors, modelers and illustrators working in a variety of industries. ZBrushCore is designed for users who are new to 3D as well as illustrators, students and 3D printing enthusiasts.

Learn more at ZBrushCore.com


Please make it cloud license based. I would love to use Zbrush at work but the machine is locked by IT. Or a different login that woudl allow for my freedom to use Zbrush as a freelancer.

Can you please make a Linux version of ZBrush?

And what about the “big guy”? :slight_smile:

I’m still holding out for an iOS version that will run on my iPad Pro. :slight_smile:

I think Wacom, let the cat out the bag about 11hrs ago! Selling the Wacom Intous3D with ZBrushCore Software! It will be interesting to see what ZBrushCore has against ZBrush 4R7 (I see a Paint Brush Icon)…

Really looking forward to the ZBrush Summit 2016, although I don’t see a time slot for any Pixologic Presentations… Maybe its a surprise!

One thing I’m really hoping for, other than ZBrush 5! Is that LiveStream doesn’t have poor performance issues like last year!!!

Go ZBrush Summit!!!

Ok cool. So what are the differences?

Cool. This will be great for anyone learning ZBrush. Looks like a less bloated interface. ZBrush 5 next? :wink:

Looking forward to see this!

As a very poor hobbyist who refuses to torrent software - I am very excited for this :smiley:

Please, please give us a Linux version!

  • 1 for Linux!

this will replace sculptris?

For a sec i thought it would be the name of zbrush 5!

Any chances for a VR version with VR mode navigation?

Pretty stoked for this. I’m hoping for an affordable price or a hobbyist/student non commercial license. It’s great to see the big companies opening up their products in such ways. £600-£1000 for 3d software with a steep learning curve can be quite a barrier. Autodesk and Adobe should take note.

Im also hoping for some tablet compatibility but truth be told I’ll be over the moon if it has all of the tools that exist under the geometry tab…

Hoping for a less streamlined Zbrush 5 announcement next.

Great! Can’t wait to try it out!

I’m waiting for a HTC Vive version ;D

Sounds really great! I truly hope it’s a replacement for Sculptris (not that it has to disappear) because I am so used to ZBrush that going back to Sculptris is just a pain … besides I find Sculptris very slow (but that is my experience).

I hope they left out all things to do with animation, maps (displacement, Uv’s etc), HD geometry, topology … it seems indeed they kept polypaint, even IMM brushes (also curves?) and polygroups (also panel loops and extrude?) … hooray :slight_smile:

I also hope they kept ZRemesher (even a more simple version).

I am so curious … it would be an ideal tool to teach the basics to people. And the moment they feel ready to go a step further they can try out the full version for free during a month or so.

This makes my day :slight_smile:
Thank you Pixo!!!

it’s not realy good news we love zbrush for innovation
hope for matcap brush so long