Announcing ZBrush 4R3

Just under a month ago, Pixologic released the powerful new ZBrush 4R2b. In addition to enhancing the BPR capabilities of ZBrush, this new version also added innnovative and exciting features such as FiberMesh™ and MicroMesh.
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We weren’t done! Pixologic is pleased to announce the upcoming release of ZBrush 4R3.
This update includes new features and expands the features introduced in previous versions.

Enhancements Include:

FiberMesh™. Significant advancements to the FiberMesh™ settings provide you with greater control and flexibility. Curve modifiers have now been added to a number of FiberMesh™ settings including: Length, Coverage, Gravity and Color Profile. Revolve has also been added as a new setting. Textures applied to FiberMesh™ and MicroMesh objects can now be transparent (true black pixels will be hidden), allowing even greater diversity in their use. FiberMesh™ settings can now be saved and loaded as needed it. In addition, various FiberMesh™ presets will ship with ZBrush 4R3. These presets can be pre-viewed in Lightbox, as well as modified and shared amongst ZBrush artists. Once you have styled your FiberMesh™ to perfection, export the fiber guides to other applications for further use. Moreover, fibers can also be exported as unique vector displacement maps to be rendered in external applications.

Vector Displacement Maps. ZBrush 4R3 will export both 16-bit and 32-bit Vector Displacement maps, providing you with a powerful and easy way to export your sculpted details to other programs for rendering. Take full advantage of the capabilities inside rendering engines by using maps to displace the surface in any direction, including undercuts.

BPR to Geo. You can now convert your MicroMesh and FiberMesh™ renders into actual geometry with a single click. The resulting geometry can be further edited. With the additions of the dot preview and Spin Edge features, control the direction of any MicroMesh before rendering or converting into geometry for future edits.

NoiseMaker. We are pleased to be releasing the NoiseMaker plugin. This powerful enhancement to ZBrush 4R3 allows you to create a wide variety of noise and patterns. With over 25 parametric generators, limitless combinations, and the ability to work in both 3d and UV mode, NoiseMaker is sure to help get the job done. NoiseMaker, will now use interpolated masking per polygon for an accurate display of noise and patterns even on lower polygon meshes. Furthermore, NoiseMaker features ZBrush navigation style, a larger preview window and new masking capabilities to provide multiple scaling options to your noise.

Interface Enhancements. Sub-palette sections will allow you to control the length of each sub-palette simply by collapsing or un-collapsing sub-sections. Show what you need, when you need it! Moreover, a new Magnify option allows you to zoom into portions of the canvas or interface. This is especially useful when recording videos or turntables.

Render Enhancements. With the ability to cast shadows and silhouettes based on any Micromesh and FiberMesh™ (including fibers with a transparent texture applied), the ZBrush 4R3 BPR (best preview render) rendering system takes your final image a step further.

Auto Updating. ZBrush 4R3 will include a new web-enabled update feature. Enjoy “click of a button” access to check if new updates or plugins are available from Pixologic. Never miss a new plugin or enhancement!

ZBrush 4R3 will also include further enhancements and fixes for items reported and identified in ZBrush 4R2b.

We know everyone will enjoy this newest release, and all of the enhancements and features we’ve packed inside. We look forward to seeing the dynamic ways, each of you will make use of these new capabilities.

Happy ZBrushing:)


ZBrush 4R3
is scheduled for release on
Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It will be a free update for all registered users. Update instructions will be provided at time of release.

Following the release of 4R3 we will also be making an update available for floating license sites.

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“Just when I thought I was done learning… They pull me back in!”

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I was joking to my friends a few days ago that Pixologic should put Zbrush on Steam for auto update feature, and now Z4R3 gets auto update!
What’s next? Achievements? :smiley:

Omg I LOVE you Pixologic! I didn’t even get to play with ZBrush 4R2B yet! (Too busy programming, not enough time for 3D at the moment sadly :frowning: )

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Great news!!
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Looks great, hopefully there will also be some fixes for the bugs (brush lag, etc.) in R2b. Any word on QRemesher?

I edited the quote to ask if the transparent also works with MicoMesh?