Announcing ZBrush 4R3

Yes, it will work with any mesh, including MicroMesh. I’ll edit the first post to make this clear, thanks:)

You guys are on fire! One update after another and FREE to boot! Great time to be a ZBrusher! Thanks Pixo! :smiley:

Wow, sweet! Keep 'em coming!

Question: Is the Auto Updating similar to other programs that release small updates and bug fixes, as opposed to waiting for a whole new update? That would be awesome!

sooo R3 can only export vector displacement maps? not sculpt with them?

You people at Pixologic are truly amazing… So many updates… so many features! So COOL!

Awesome to see vector displacements. Hopefully we can re-import the maps into Zbrush we export.

Cant wait!!

not had time to install R2 yet…R3 eh!..okay will i need to install R2, THEN R3 for this upgrade or can i jump up to R3 from R1?

oh and thanks loads, your company just keeps giving…put’s other companies to shame!

LOL that would be awesome. Achievement Unlocked “You have reached 100 000 000 polys”

WOW!! I don’t have words to express my feelings… I’m So HapPy :smiley: Thank You PIXOLOGIC TEAM !!! :+1:

I’m sure that this update is timed to be simultaneously released also as an iPad 3 app!
… I can wish can’t I? :wink:

Wow…can’t wait until the 28th!!!

I think I had read somewhere during the last update that a new “re-meshing/autoretopology” plugin was going to come out this month…did I read that right??? Any news on that?

If that is true… coupled with these updates…I will never leave the computer again.

Awesome stuff, Pixologic team!:smiley:

Fantstic and very fast :slight_smile:
BPR with new power – great! … and the other new options and tolls. Guys, geat job and thank you very much :smiley:

This looks great. Thanks so much for all you are doing Pixolator.
Any news though about QRemesher?

For all the sexy feature enhancements, the new Auto-Update mechanism is the real star here. No more jumping through a different series of arcane hoops for each ZB release. Hopefully this will allow for more casual release of patches to fix important issues that don’t warrant a major update.

Pixologic is on Fire!

No seriously, they are on fire. For the love of god, somebody put them out!

thats it I now must find a away to marry you pixologic… you make my dreaming come true and have help drastically improve me as a artist i cant thank you enough!!

:large_orange_diamond: I would like to thank all those people who made this event possible!

Haaaaw yeah ! Awesome news ! :cool:

Ooh… what a lovely birthday present! Thank you Pixologic!! :smiley:

NoiseMaker !!! :rolleyes:
amasing stuff !
many thanks guys