***Announcing ZBrush 3.5 and GoZ for Windows and MacOSX

COOL. (period!)

THANK YOU Pixologic for keeping us informed!!!

It all sounds fracking mantastic.


as long as i get my ZBGO!! cant wait for it…unlimited zooming?? nice, did you reworked the retopology tools as well (and does it work with the unlimited zooming too??)?
AO? nice! are there options to change setting (color base, rays etc…) or is it more a more advanced version of cavity map?
cant wait to test all those new features (and the improved exisiting ones!)

all im waiting for now is a full modeling tool set on top of the zsphere, how cool would that be! drawing topology on top of high rez mesh by just drawing on it…already there in other progs i know, but im sure in ZB it would be so much smoother :):slight_smile:

Great news! I’m glad Pixologic are releasing these .x releases rather than making everyone wait until the full release is ready. I’m interested in finding out what this mysterious new feature is. They already had me at GoZ! Looking forward it.

Thanks guys!!! :smiley:

There will be GoZ for max?

List of features are fantastic, just support for multiple textures per subtool is worth of waiting… And in terms of numbers of this new version, I really don’t care, it can be ZBrush 3.84, 3.99 whatever :smiley: as long as we have that awesome features it really doesn’t matter…

Go Pixologic, go. :+1:

Thanks Pixologic Team for this update in the 3.5 version
“1.Multiple texture,
2. normal and displacement maps per SubTool, with enhanced displacement and normal map options such as native export of 32-bit displacement maps.
3. High-Definition displacement and normal maps from HD geometry.
4.Improved perspective with a floor grid.
5. Reorganization of the Tool sub-palettes to coordinate with selected SubTools.
6.The ability to merge all visible SubTools and optionally weld the seams.
7.The new PUVTiles mapping method, which represents the most efficient use of UV space yet.
8. PolyPainting and masking have now been enhanced to 16-bit from the previous 8-bit.
9.New navigation to work with the virtually unlimited zooming.
10.Right-Click Navigation.
11.New sliders added to Project All, providing more control over your results.
12.Memory management enhancements give the capability to subdivide your models to higher polygon counts. 13.New ambient occlusion masking, which can create an AO texture for use in other applications”
14.A Big Surprise for all of us!!!


hmm… so the new unannounced powerful feature for 3.5 …hmmm… Can’t wait to hear what it is :smiley:

Nice! Looks like they covered most of the things i really wanted in an update. All we need now is a material that will read spec, colour, bump, reflection and dare I say sss? Ok too much to ask. But maybe thats what the multiple textures per tool is about?

Very cool :+1:

This is fantastic news : ) and it proves that those at pixologic listened to the comments good and bad made about a zbrush 4 release and those who wanted refinements before going to version 4. good news for everyone indeed,zbrush 3.5 being the stop gap until a full version 4 in 4th quarter this year is brilliant.Thank you pixologic for your thoughtfulness to the zbrush community.


Usually, I wouldn’t post in such a “hail pixologic” thread but I think it’s great that you are doing everything this time to have a release on schedule with the features that you feel are ready for release & and improve existing workflows instead of polishing tools for new workflows.
Plus in Maya this set of features would be a version jump alone …

Nice going !

Confused by your announcement choices but happy to see the app moving on. Good luck on the release and good luck on the release of 4 also. :slight_smile:

We Want Z4 To Be 64-bit!

i also would like to know if this “multiple textures”-feature has something to do with texture layers. because this is the only feature i really miss in zbrush.

simple texture layers with some blending options and zbrush would be perfect for me…

Nice 3,5 :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:
I prefere this way, that you take your time to make the tools work stable, then to hury and have an unstable version.
Go on making this wonderfull tools so that they work.

Great news! only one missing…i want GoZ for XSI!:rolleyes:

GoZ is Awesome. You Windows guys are going to love it.

The 3.5 Mac version may be predictably late, but, what the hell, the current version rocks anyway. Keep on trucking Pixologic!

yeah GoZ for Softimage would be very very very very very very COOL!! DO IT!!

Really looking forward to this release, loving ZB, best software package ive ever bought , best software ive ever used, and it sounds like its just gonna get better!

i recently downloaded a trial of 3d coat and i must say that " voxel " sculpting simply makes polygons an outdated tech

its simply amazing what you can create without worrying about topology, stretching, resolution, having to plan ahead your base mesh etc…

i really hope that pixologic understands this and give us VOXEL in all its glory so we can truly be set free to do what ever we desire

if there is any app. that needs to be 64 bit, zbrush is the one so please guys

here is my list:


2_64 bit

3_3D COAT style topology tools or even better make it automated

4_better rendering engine with REALISTIC SHADOWS+ ground shadows that actually look like shadows :slight_smile:

5_ HYPERSHOT render style (REAL DOF), you just have to point and click to pick a focus point , its much faster and not to mention intuitive that using the fog as a means to measure when DOF starts and end

6_ RULER TOOL ( cm, mm, inch, meter) so you actually know how big your sculpture is in zbrush without having to go to another app. and have to scla it down by -100%

Here´s a silly question:
Will I be able to have Zbrush 3.1 and Zbrush 3.5 on my computer at once? See, not that I wouldn´t trust the awesomeness of the upgrade (I believe that guys at pixologic did a great job as always), but I´d like to have also the older version as an insurance in case that some things wouldn´t work that great for me/my specs in the upgrade.

Very glad to hear about this.

  1. What does 16bit masking and polypaint mean?
  2. I think muli-texture is 1 model with multiple uv maps ( 0,0 to 1,1, etc…)