***Announcing ZBrush 3.5 and GoZ for Windows and MacOSX

Z4 will release sometime during Q4, eh?

You think this has anything to do with the release of Windows 7? I think the retail version releases on October 22. On top of that, it will include both 32bit and 64bit versions of the OS. Maybe our hopes of a 64 bit Z4 can be supported by this fact.

To be honest, when I read the first announcement for Z4 back in April, I was surprised it was being released before Windows 7 because I was thinking Pixologic would’ve wanted more time to test it out on the new OS. After all, many have said that it will be more readily adopted than Vista.

What do you all think?

Well, finally a concise and simple announcement of some much needed (and anticipated) features with a reasonable release estimate. I’m actually happier with the .5 release, no need to rush ZB 4 to the table. Thanks Pixo. :+1:

HD geometry normal and displacement maps, Unlimited zooming, Poly painting 16 bit… multiple textures… oh boy.

Surprised you didn’t call it zbrush 4 from those features alone. Makes me think you guys have something really special for that.

hate to say it, but i told you so :slight_smile:

edit: though i will concede this- anybody with half a brain saw a Z4 delay coming, since every other major release has been pushed back as well, BUT- I am happy to see pixologic meeting us halfway on this. In the past it has been “sorry, tune in later for more details” but at least they’re throwing us a bone here. So thanks for that, hopefully this is a new attitude in Pixologic’s customer relations that we can expect to see in the future as well.

Perhaps they’re finally realizing that, while they’re the best game in town- they’re not the only game in town.

im worried tho about the rivals, pixologic just gave them 6 months or so of develpment to catch up hmmmm

Anyway bt i am very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very HaPpY that 3.5 will’ll be released in aug end.


I Love You Pixologic

Thanx Again:)

Thank you. This really looks great. I much rather Pix take its time and slowly improve / enhance the existing tools than throw a ton of new features.
Good job Pix, keep innovating / improving.

Thanks a lot for this announcement, and for keeping the release date.
Simply happy.

All the new feature are fantastic, especially the 16 bits masking, displacement from HD and unlimited zooming.

I am very excited! But I hope that those important stuffs, like ZMapper, *Master will continue to work with the 3.5 release

I think this is a good decision, and I know Pixologic takes forever to get releases out but I think that’s a testament to their commitment to releasing top quality products. I am really looking forward to this 3.5!

Well, I’m delighted to be getting a free upgrade with new features. I’m just hoping, no, praying, that the undisclosed feature is texture layers. I basically can’t use zbrush for texturing in production without them.

that is a good question. is zb4 going to be 64bit?

Awesome news and once again I’m hoping and praying that GoZ could be made available for Maya 8.5 … I’d love to hone my workflow with it. I think all in favour need to start saying “I” so Pixologic know!

Cheers guys
Glad I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a personal copy for home - I dont get enough time in Z at work.
Looking forward to the learning curve


but can we bake out occlusion maps??? This is still one of the biggest pains in the current workflow that, apparently Mudox offers. If you are going to knock off the competition you need to help out the games industry guys like me. We are crying out for a decent AO baker. Maya and even Max have a hard to outputting good quality AO when Mesh counts are in the millions.

Currently we have to use 3 programs in the pipeline it would be soooo much better to use just ZB and Maya. If the re topolgy tools were better in ZBrush maybe we would never need to use anything but Zbrush. That will be a lovely day.

Still it did wake me up to see this fantastic annocement this morning.

THANK YOU PIXOLOGIC :D:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Awesome! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: !

Pixologic rules.

The ambient occlusion feature will allow you to export you’re occlusion as a texture (meaning it’s an obvious replacement to you’re baking needs).

Hope this helps answering :slight_smile:


In the ZBrush 3.2 for Mac this is already possible with the texture from masking feature.

JOY :smiley: thanks guys. God I wish our company would get Macs sigh :smiley: