***Announcing ZBrush 3.5 and GoZ for Windows and MacOSX

Awesome news! great stuff Pixo, keep up the good job and please don’t miss your deadlines. :slight_smile:

/ Magnus

If your goin to add compatibility add a few generic graphic cards to use with zmaper, and a decent render engine or the option to use an external one

There is still no word on GOZ coming out for MAX?

Total bummer in that regard. It seems like that is going to be the biggest chunk of the new update.

Great that pixologic takes the time to improve instead of throwing
something on to the market regardless the bugs.
Good work guys and maybe also girls :slight_smile:

I wonder if there will be zmapper at all for 3.5. There is no zmapper for the mac and the answer has always been that the functionality of zmapper is no longer needed with the enhancements built in.


Looking forward to the unanounced feature :smiley:

yes maybe voxels for more freedom of form or the ability to finally use zcast would also be great to bring the zbrush community that much closer together… but elimination of the crashing and bugs is great regardless looking forward to this… and the the features that are not mentioned…:wink:

Knowing that there will be a 3ds Max support for GoZ.

I am only curious as to know if version 2008 will be supported. Because that is the only legit copy that I own and just so happens to work without hiccups or a bad UI replacement (thanks autodesk on ver. 2010 :()

Nevertheless, somewhat disappointed that this has come about. But happy because GoZ is going to still be released very soon. :slight_smile:

Pixologic - We will do 3.5!
Pixologic (after way too long time) - Guess what - it took as so long because we will release Z4!
Pixologic (when everyone crapping pants before Siggraph, to see Z4) - We got great news - we will release Z3.5 instead of Z4!
Crowd - Oh well… YEAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

You guys are all crazy LOL

But before fanboys will take it personal - joking. It is a good move - what a difference what number is on the software? Enchancements is what matters. Good job Pixologic. Just dont blow that one PLS…

Wow! The excitement of going backwards from 4 to 3.5! Pixologic, the big tease of 3d! :smiley:

It would be nice to see some of the things that worked in 3.0 that stopped working in 3.1 to be working again in 3.5, like when the UV’s break apart on export.

Memory management and higher poly counts are always better. Can’t wait for HD geometry normal maps. GoZ will definitely be a welcome addition. Going back and forth between Maya is a pain, and I’m a rather lazy individual that likes one click solutions.

That’s a very very intelligent decision, Pixologic, 3.5, is gonna be like a test, for the powerful ZB 4 !!! and get some more time to create a perfect ZBrush 4!, that’s awesome!!

Well as I was looking forward to zb4 this was really disappointing for me. Although I would have been happy enough if this all was a current download but it is taking the place of zb4. And worse even yet now I will have to wait an entire extra month for 3.5 instead of 4 to be released since I am on a mac.

I love how 3.2 to is allot more stable on the Mac end but since I really have no use for goZ I was anticipating greatly all the new tools promised in zb4.

The fact is that I only sculpt in ZB and have no desire to use any other program or plugin with it. I don’t even physically print my stuff so all these new tools that everybody is having fun with I simply couldn’t care less for at this time.

I love that they are there; I mean decimation master and goZ are simply awesome tools and I am happy for all those that can make use of them. But it really doesn’t matter how awesome they are in my case since I have no use for them. Perhaps if goZ worked for Lightwave I could make use of that at least.

All this announcement does is frustrate, sadden and disappoint me.

GoZ for Mac does not work as advertised yet. There is no way to keep the UV shells merged on export of a model while using GoZ. Each face is broken into a separate UV shell.

Here’s to hoping that is fixed in 3.5

your rite i Guess this release is not meant for everybody

Great features! The subtool and hd geometry export sounds really useful.

The Windows version of 3.5 will be released by the end of August, followed by a release of the OSX version in September. Following the release of 3.5, we will continue to refine ZBrush 4 and its features (such as LightBoxand Spotlight) for release in the 4th Quarter of 2009.

I remember Pixologic said it would release concurrent releases of both Mac and PC versions from here on. What Happened? :frowning:

had a feeling there was going to be an annoucement lol…just didn’t expect 3.5…either way, this update looks promising and it what most people wanted…here’s hoping to a 64bit version

Do what you do best Pixologic,ie., write magical code…
take your time… perfect version 4 and then… bedaze us all with your magic…:smiley:

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet./agreed take your time get it slick and solid.
Ty pixologic!