Anatomy and render study

This is a new thread for a project I’m going to do while I have the time. I get randomly busy with freelance stuff.

To start, I should say that my old zbrushcentral username was SLOWPID. I changed it to YSALEX because that’s the username I use everywhere else online. My last piece was this piece, called SHADOWS, which I posted here.

I’m going to do an anatomy and render study of sorts. Here is where I am at:

This is the bathroom without any people etc, plainly lit. I put it together yesterday and today in zbrush and Maya, and rendered with Vray. In time, I will add clutter and change things around, and try to make it as realistic as possible. To that end, I’m getting rid of those bathtub legs, and will go for something that meshes better with the room.

These were some of my original ideas for poses:

But this one is the one I’ve decided to pursue:








Very nice!

Very nice indeed. Still live that first image.

Btw I’m sure the mods could have changed your ID

It’s looking like a great start! :+1:

yay welcome back :slight_smile: great stuff as always!

Thanks guys. This is a render I do to check the subsurface levels etc, make sure it’s looking correct and I’m getting it in the correct areas. This needs some tweaking to the subsurface map, getting a bit too much in areas like the chest and neck. I do typically 25% gray, then my subsurface map, and a more glossy than normal specular that is just flat.

This one I did a bit different, this time I desaturated my diffuse and color, which is why she has different shades in her lips, cheeks, etc.

I think I prefer this method, since SSS is calculated by the diffuse ratio + Color, and the shades in both matter to the SSS, and this shows that better. To add or remove SSS in an area, say the neck, now I just have to go into my subsurface map and darken or lighten that area.


Great Great Renders… I love every single render on this forum. Ill be watching this thread.
Thank you for sharing :+1:

awesome work ! waiting for more information…did you model eyelashes with lines or solved with opacity map ?

Eyelashes were geometry I sculpted and duplicated in zbrush.

Here’s the update:


I forgot I was going to add this. This is my basemesh that I made for this project. I paint my textures on this one, since it’s in standard position and I can use symmetry if I want it, but the posed mesh has the same UV’s so I can use the maps.

Trying to get it to work under multiple lighting solutions. Right now it has too much SSS I believe.

The first image as I recall was very disagreed with by someone on the forum and as I recall she made some very sensible points. I fail to understand why a guy like you who obviously has talent and skills still needs to display images of a nature that can only be construed to indicate a violent act against a female. Your whole thread is then tainted by this almost mysgonist atmosphere. Is that what you want or are you not even aware of what yo are displaying?
My opinion is that the image is very dark and I would not show it but then I can understand better if you were to give your own opinion as to what it represents. The black hands indicating a “snap kneck” hold are just too obvious to ignore. Lets suppose for a mopment that you have a daughter and replaced the face with hers. Would still be inclined to exhibit it?

nice work! The only critique I have is that her knees look a little weird idk maybe its the angle you took the render but i could be wrong

Well done mate, i like this one for sure.

scratching away at the base model and the shader. Only had a couple hours waiting to hear about something.


Looking great! Knees are looking much better.

Terrific job. Congratulations.:+1:

nice work

Some modeling and shader updates:

Slowly figuring some of the deeper stuff out. Revisited the head a bit. Now I have to go in and fix parts of the body, then finish diffuse etc.

I’m still planning on doing the whole still, but a series of tests and other work have relegated this to mostly background test rendering for now, render and forget about it.

Great stuff, very convincing body!

I would love to see the pose where she wrings out her hair finished. to my mind the strongest image of your ideas in both pose and composition!