anatomie wip

Im still in my learning process in anatomy field. The base mesh was done in maya and i twik it a bit in zbrush but it is de subdivision 1 too. So no more poly than the base mesh in maya. I Know the hand need a lot more of work. But if some can give me advice about muscle or proportion please tell me befor I go farther :smiley:

What kind of model are you trying to go for? Right now he’s looking like he has superhero/supervillan anatomy. If you are going for a more photoreal look you are going to have to tone down the muscles quite a bit.

Basically all I can recommend is that you buy a human and animal anatomy book and study it. Keep practicing in zbrush and do some hand drawn sketches. Even if you may not be a great draftsman, it will still help you understand anatomy and will show through in your 3-d work. It’s really all about practice and understanding bone and muscle systems.

Also use some photoreference while you model.

I appreciate it a lot!!:+1: :+1: Yes I know is more beefy than i regular human but i use reference from a book about body building so it i why it is so fat :smiley: . What I want to do is that the muscle are wel done. In the rigth place and in the rigth shape.

the upper legs must be bigger than the lower legs . You probably know that the lower legs muscles is the must difficult muscles to built in body building.
Fact : arnold shaw… (well you know who) was always posing in pond for hide he s lower legs

sorry for my english

Thanks for the comments. At least I got some real advice :wink: … By the way im not a big bodybuilder fan. but i do appreciate great body it always amaze me . Some guys are real monster or animal like Batista hehe:D

I shouldnt have done it because it seem like ive got some thong to change in the modelling again for the head particularely. But as im try to found a good concept about it I was having fun trying to give him a cool superheros outfit. But I want to do him clothes too. Maybe shorts like john cena and a military cap so the torso could be nude and I could show the work on his anatomy. But for now feel free if you have any ideas or tips and crits for sure it would be could.:wink: culturiste28.JPG

I think am on the right track nore theres is not a lot of thing to change before realy go on for texture. If you find something really bad please help me!:wink: comment and crits are more than welcome but i wonder why nobody never answer …culturiste31.JPG




Hi YsenGrin , this is looking good now. Just like the bodybuilders of today so huge. Is the render done in zbrush? Did you use orange lights to get that effect?

Thanks im glad that it is on the good path finally.:smiley: Its is all render in zbrush with one white ligth. you just adjsut the shadow with a good quality and a good among of rays. For the other part it’s the material who do the trick try the one gived by antropus its is very cool. And finally use the contrast and brigthness in the render palette. But this one was jsut for fun. but i like the way it lookslike the real shaded skin of the culturist.:smiley:

Still working on the overall shape… I need to work the arm a little more. as usual crits are more than welcome…:wink: culturisteFBS.JPG

lower torso needs to come down more. The legs need to be longer. Calf muscles should be slightly larger. Also the thighs need to be a touch smaller. Feet need to be a little shorter and wider. That’s all for proportions. The upper body is fine.

You give nme good advice!:wink: ill take it in consideration. specially for the feet I found it very difficult and ugly to sculpt!

as english is not my mother tongue what you mean by calf muscle? I use the translator but it tell me that it mean something like beef muscle:lol: but i nevr heard that. So please if you could tell me where this special muscle are on my pict it would be fine. thanks

The calf muscle is the muscle on the back of the leg between the knee and the ankle. “Calf” is also the word for a baby cow, so that’s why the translator got confused.

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Hi ive work the head of my muscle man! At the beginning I wanted to give him the face of John Cena but change my mind after seen the guys of Matte3d. Also I dont want to do a wrestler anymore so I take for model his character head to study it and try to give a real feeling to mine. I still work with zbrush2 but im planning to get the 3version so I can extract as subtool clothes and transpose him without going in maya to do a rig. As I dont know very much about displacement map yet it will be good to do it all in zbrush. Also Im working on the skin shader to be more realistic as possible. As for the head it need some fin tuning again. Im not happy with the ears and the front head… any comment are welcome! :wink:


here is the full body, I need to work the forearms and the calf muscle more. But eventually It will have pants!

Pretty good, but I have some critiques.

The abs need to be flattened out more, they look too inflated.

Also, the overall shape / anatomy could use some tweaking. You might want to compare your renders to some real body builders.

The face looks like an old guy to me, I don’t know if that’s what you are going for, but though I’d point it out.

he has a lot of wrinkles, sagging skin…

I thanks for your comments I take it in consideration. As for the old guy I dont know if you had see on my anatomy tread (anatomy wip) the face? But yeah I want to make someone in his 50s. As i say last time I dont want to make him a bodybuilder or neither a wrestler but maybe more a experience warrior… I take inspiration on Matte3d who did a soldier in his 50 a little bit like Big Boss in metal gear solide.:slight_smile: AS for the proportion what would you suggest me … I cant really point what doesnt fit…

Im in the overall happy with the proportion and anatomy… need to work some finer detail more on the hand for exemple… On the face I would try to make jim a 2 or 3 days bearb with alphas and pore skin etc… On the muscle I will make him big vein. But i think will do that when a get the Zbrush 3. tomorrow i think im gonna make him some piece of clothing and armoring in maya then import them to add them some fine detail and pose them. I will give it a look of a barbare gladiator feel. I know its is pretty far from my original concept hehe:D . Here some views of my work and my charactere becaming the big green giant! hehe jsut for laugth enjoy!!:lol: [attach=60929]beef5.JPG[/attach] [attach=60930]beef6.JPG[/attach] [attach=60931]beef7.JPG[/attach] [attach=60932]beef9.JPG[/attach] [attach=60933]beef8hulk2.JPG[/attach]







I got Zbrush 3! I took all the evening trying to go trougth some tutorial and quickstart as well as trying some new cool feature as the transpose and the subtool. I mean once you get it it works much better then the multimarker in my humble sens. I like as well the new shader as the gorilla and the pearl cavity they look so cool. So this is a first post of my charactere with an helmet that iive done this week with zbrush 2. I think it got a cool looks but i will need to refine it. Ive also started a shoulder pad and plan to do boots as soon as i can but it still need some improvement on the anatomy. As I said on a last thread It will be a warrior from sowhere between cimeria and sparta hehe. Maybe a rival of King Conan. So I played a little with the transpose tool and get that result. :wink: statue.JPG