An unusual Zbrushing....

Well I think a lot of people here are waiting for that, your stuff is wonderful and inspiring!

@ Dragon:wonderful idea to build "real"sculptures so high!I am happy you like my digital research with an unusual approach to Zbrush…

@ MealeaYing:ok ok I see that there is a popular request of real sculpting…
I need to find an important sponsor before…For example…Pixologic!I hope they are reading :slight_smile:

Your work francesco, among a few others, makes me hate render engines. These may be brilliant but the real thing is always better.

Michalis said:
“Your work francesco, among a few others, makes me hate render engines. These may be brilliant but the real thing is always better.”

And Dragon said:
“If I had alot of money, I would ask your permission to make this one into a bronze or polished copper and pewter sculpture about 15 to 20 feet high and put it in my front yard (no kidding). Just awsome my friend, just awsome.”

And I just found out how to draw 2.5D in 3D in Zbrush.
Francesco, if one can draw 2.5D in 3D one needs not have a render engine, one needs a 3D printer and I am willing to bet that you could find one with out a lot of effort that wants to print what you create.
Can they be done in 15 -20 foot (5-4m) sizes? I have no idea.
But if they cant now they can in the future, like very soon.

@MealeaYing “And I just found out how to draw 2.5D in 3D in Zbrush”

Do you mean with Projection Master?If you find another way please tell me.

Concerning the height of digital printed sculptures I think that is is only a money matter(as other many things).Of course there are not a so big 3d printer but you can slice many pieces and then past together.

Another possibility is to print in small size and then rescale the “sketch” in foundry in different materials like gypsum.Then you can mould.

Or you can directly mould from the printed sculpture.But it has to be quite big…

Anyway thank very much also to Michalis and Dragon

Sometime I surprise myself to see what is possible to create with a slight approach to the "classical"use of Zbrush…Da  spherosa booleana semplice.jpg


Da  spherosa booleana semplice.jpg

You said:
“Do you mean with Projection Master?If you find another way please tell me.”

And yes I do mean that, but also yes, oddly enough I have found another way, but far less… um… detailed than projection master in many ways.
Its funny that you asked that.
So… in the stuff you are showing here are you using the Projection master a lot? I just discovered what it does so I am rather excited and am going a bit nuts with it.
The other way, which is a bit odd, is also rather messy and changes what you have done rather dramatically. In the case of your work it could ruin something beautiful so I suspect its not what you have in mind.
I’m realizing as I type this that turning one of your sculptures into an actual object is a bit more involved than just being able to print in 3D there are some rather shocking limits on detail, if on my monitor 5-10 million polygons is not enough, what do you need when the bloody thing is 15 feet (3 meters) tall?
I suppose I let my excitement with Projection Master get me caught up in the idea that your sculptures could be printed, and if I was wrong about that I apologize.
The other method is oddly simple, crude and yet rather fun:

  1. Draw your 2.5D object
  2. Make a single ZSphere
  3. Hit EDIT
  4. Shift A
  5. Make your brush tiny, like 1-3
  6. Encase your 2.5D object in Zspheres (this requires a lot of scribbling)
  7. Mess with the resolution of Unified Skin (higher is better)
Im guessing you already know you can do this, but I just figured it out...

anyhow, I wish like others that your stuff could be printed in 3D, that would be nice.
Greebles and Zeebles would be good too, and those would seem more likely.


Hi Ying. Yes, 3D sculpture is possible at any sizes, from 1 foot to 100. Francesco is correct in his explanation of molding etc.

See the link below, it will explain everything from working in ZBrush to outputting at a Foundry:


And this is the Foundery’s direct website for more info:


Pretty crazy right?

Rock on Francesco, rock on!!:wink:

Hey,great discovery this Metalphysic.I didn’t know.Thank you dear Dragon!New horizons are emerging.And this is a big revolutionary in the field of Art.Of course there are many prejudices against this new type of creating art but as usual when something new grows up many secular certitudes begin to lost their power.Many critics,gallery managers and collectors are simply too old to understand the beauty and the miracle of computer.But maybe this is not the most suitable place to discuss about Art

I never use Projection Master for my digital sculpt although I know it is a very powerful tool.Anyway thank you for your proposal.I am happy that also you are testing new creative techniques in ZB!

No prob my friend. I have seen here and there SOME gallery’s showing computer art. But, I think, as you point out, just not enough as of yet. Perhaps the next generation of gallery managers and collectors will see that wether art is created on paper or a computer… there is still a human being behind it guiding the work till the end. Yes, a computer can take alot of the guess work out of it, however, it cannot guess what the artist has in mind. ART is ART no matter the tool. And I think folks like (yourself) and this foundery are trying to prove just that.

And, I think it’s just fine to talk about art here. Remember, ZBrush was made by artists for artists.

I am pretty sure no one is going to tell you to NOT talk art up here. Heck, it’s what were all doing in ZBrush (not just to talk about the technical stuff).

So, continue on my friend, continue on-:wink:

Many critics,gallery managers and collectors are simply too old to understand the beauty and the miracle of computer

Of course, the good news are that they are already ‘old’, the better news are that these guys love mystery. Make it look so :lol:

Great new posts francesco!

Walls that become barriers, only serve to entrap those contained within their own self imposed boundries…Even the Great Wall of China failed and was obsolete before it was even finished…Same is true of the wall created to stop new ideas from flourishing…New ideas are like water,…and water will always find a way to overcome the mightiest dam or levy that’s put in it’s way. By just chipping away at the boundry that gets in it’s way,…in the end it always prevails…It’s just a matter of time and flowing water overcoming self contained matter that gets in it’s way…:smiley:

Michalis…The old who are set in their ways, better step out of the way, or learn to swim, before they are swept away with a NEW tide that IS headed their way…LOL :smiley:

Great works and Inspiring as always Francesco…:+1: :slight_smile:

@SpiritDreamer, Perfectly said!:wink: Only those who adapt and over come their ‘tunnel vision’ way of thinking, will continue to succeed (my 2 cents-:smiley: )

@Michalis,‘OLD’… can’t stop laughing. But, how true what you said.

Maybe I am a little repetetive but thanks again to Michalis,Dragon,SpiritDreamer for posting yours idea about Art but also for encouraging myself :slight_smile: Too kind!

A new era is coming for Art and artist…And this era is NOW,with great sotware,with incredible fast and cheap hardware.Only artistic and creative ideas are missing.Let’s light our “out of order”
parts of brain and incredible results will arrive!But please use Zbrush also for creating something different from troll,robots,mutants etc in hieratic and froozen poses…This maybe will contribute to create a different idea of digital art in common people.The same for the 2D world;2,3 layers of Photoshop with some filters and here you are,digital art for everybody.Use the fantasy please and yours ideas,not the other’s ones…Sorry for the outlet.

Another “fast” piece of zBrush 2.5 DCONTENITORE SFERICO.jpg



Another 2.5 D images that could get great benefits from a NEW 2.5 rendering engine.Maybe in the next release I can find this long waited and wished surprise…Anticrash.jpg



They are not repetitive, they are endlessly fascinating. At least to me.
Also it strikes me that this being your thread talking about art is not just ok, but a good idea if that is something you want to do, I know that I will read it and I’m not an even artist.

Now, back to the stuff you make, it seems that mother nature has decided to imitate you:


I hope you like those, I knew your work reminded me of something I love and I simply could not remember what.
I still want wall sized versions of what you make, it is the sort of thing that demands to be touched.


Ahhhh dear MealeaYing you demolished me now! :rage:small_orange_diamond:angry:small_orange_diamond:rage::laughing: I already know the theory that nobody invents something new…But in this case I was impressed from these Bismuth shapes that you kindly signal me…I didn’t know them,INCREDIBLE SHAPES!Art from Nature for free…It is like we have already inside us something related to Nature…Maybe is the nature of the…Nature (sorry for pun)that let us act in this way.Maybe we do not create but discovered what is already been since Eras.There is sort of auto-similarity in structures,in organs,in galaxies,in brain…Someone told fractals?

Truly awe inspiring! You’re my new hero. :wink:

I second this-:wink:

Hey FellowFunSeeker and Dragon! What’s a responsibility for me to be your hero!Ok ok,I try to match up with this hard assignment :D.

In the the new video of R2 I cannot understand if the 2.5 D series of classical torsos
is rendered with some new features (ok,I understant that the rendering is at 32bit) like BETTER antialiasing,ambient occlusion etc…

For me (not only for me,of course)a new better 2.5 D engine (like BPR)could be very important.2.5 D was alwys understimated since begin,maybe only the great Meats Meier used it in a very creative and artistic way.

My dream is to “draw"2.5 D on the normal canvas then render at any resolution I Want,I know that is impossible but in the future…who knows?
Actually a good way to have a large canvas at 100% is to have 2,better 4 30” monitor connected each other…ok I am dreaming/joking…