An unusual Zbrushing....

I have to agree, I spend a LOT of time looking at this and then trying out the ideas you give me, its VERY VERY interesting and visually pleasing stuff.

Thank you again for posting your work.

Love this thread, and all of the works within it.:slight_smile:

Beautifully Spirted Imagination at work and play…Fearless exploration and experimentation producing incredible ART with an incredible new technology.:+1:

I don’t know how I missed this thread, but I sure am glad that i’ve found it.

Thank you for sharing your works…I’m really enjoying them, and i’m also really looking forward to seeing many more…Inspired, and Inspiring…THANKS…:+1: :slight_smile:

@Dragon…2.5 D addicted…mmm could be new disease…Maybe I am already addicted from pixols:grimacing:Of course thank you for your kind works…Concerning the too much usual space marine/robot/video-game character/t-rex and similar I am agree with you…Also I appreciate this type of works but I think that if you going deeper with the experimentationes and studies in Zbrush someone can REALLY discover a NEW type of Art.I rember the slogan of Pixologic Software for artists created from artists (or something like this…)

@MealeaYing thank you for watching but not too much.I don’t want to pay the bill of your oculist:sunglasses:.Ok I am joking…Anyway thank you for your exciting post.

@SpiritDreamer Thank you also for your presence.I see that you posted tons of images (one of the most read thread on ZB Central!)trying to give a different and artist use of Zbrush,so good artist research with the power of 2.5 D!

Interesting, I think i’ll try out the 2.5 feature in zbrush, it seems pretty powerful. I’m amazed that something like this can come out of zbrush, it looks so different and strange.

Some 2.5 D alien life form.A sort of climbing plant…As usual 100% Zbrush render…Long life to pixol…

@VictorCS I suggest to experiment this underestimated feature of Zbrush.I think that voxel are involved in this process.A sort of real-time conversion between polygons and voxel.You can have literally billions of polygons on your screen.It is true that there are some limitations but as you can see re result is is incredible!White Trial 500.jpg


White Trial 500.jpg

A reign of Chaos…in an unusual Purgatory :rage:

I forgot the tell you that the compression in JPEG cut drastically a lots of details in my images…I don’t understand because the limit it is only of 500k…1 mega would be appreciated…mECHANICAL PURGATORY.jpg



Bacterium from another time and another space…101% model and render in Zbrush 4…No BPR but old classical BEST RENDER…

![Alien deadly cancer parasite.jpg|1100x1200](upload://arFinYgLKeodVpFItgtrdzjUpfN.jpeg)


Alien deadly cancer parasite.jpg

I like you work, Interesting ,greation

I don’t know what I’m looking at, but I really like it. Especially last one.

A particular ancient biomechanical fossil…The ancient fossil of  death.jpg

So true. I hope they don’t go off the deep end and try being a Maya or 3DS. IF they do, again, they need to remember their own slogan and keep it a software an artist can truely use without being a rocket scientist (without going through ten billion windows and hidden menues to do the same thing ZBrush does in half a second with a brush or two-:smiley: )

I don’t like very much but I want to post the same! :slight_smile:Condemned to the hell.jpg


Condemned to the hell.jpg

I am sure that the future of Art will pass (also) trough digital tools like this…As usual 99,99999% created and rendered in Zbrush…pLACCOSITà bLACK.jpg



A more pictorial cluster of 2.5 D pixolos.And a very little use of Zfur :slight_smile:Evil Bacter on the wall.jpg


Evil Bacter on the wall.jpg

Incredible what is possible create in ZBrush…Ok,the wall was made in modo but the rest is totally modelled and rendered in ZB.Sometime when I take a look at my artworks some days or month ago I am always surprised :slight_smile:


…to the world of G-R-E-E-B-L-E!A lots of alien greebleZ.jpg


A lots of alien greebleZ.jpg

No comments for the last 6 images?I have the suspect that I was better some month or some years ago :cry:

Thats odd, I commented on these last ones and most especially on the Greeble one which is fantastic, I love those things!
I dont know what happened to my orignal post but its not here for some reason.
Anyhow I love your work it has taught me a LOT about Zbrush and I dont think I could thank you enough for that!



Thank you for your kind words!

Sorry if I post only few images in the last weeks but I have some trouble and is not so easy to find the right concentration for creation.Anyway I hope in few days to come back to fill this page with the wonderful tecnique of 2.5 D.I hope to have a great surprise in the next release concernincg the world of pixols!!

Hi Francesco, wow, sorry, it has been some time since I have come to your post. I really like “Ancient alien semi-organic jewelry” (I like the rest as well), however, the colors and how you designed this one looks WAY COOL!!:+1: :+1: :+1: If I had alot of money, I would ask your permission to make this one into a a bronze or polished copper and pewter sculpture about 15 to 20 feet high and put it in my front yard (no kidding). Just awsome my friend, just awsome.