Amnc ---- Alphas ---- 3/22-?


Hi ,

Thanks to everyone who participated in the last challenge…really great materials!!! Remember it will be left open so If you make a cool one down the road…please post it there so we can keep em in one spot!!

This week’s challenge is going to be left open too so that if you create a great new ALPHA in the future you can post it here so Pixologic and fellow zbrushers can find it quicker!

Anyway this challenge is to challenge you guys to create some Alphas. Alphas for things like Skins or alphas to use with materials etc etc.

It would be way cool if they are created completely in Zbrush but if they are not…that’s cool too. I would however insist that they be your own work!!!


  1. Must be original work!

  2. Please post an example of your ALPHA at work!

  3. If you learned something about making the alphas, please share your tips!!

  4. Please tell us if we need any special ALPHA settings to make it really pop!!

  5. You can start a challenge within this challenge…for instance…if you are having trouble creating something then by all means challenge your fellow Zbrushers to create it!!

  6. OOPS! Almost forgot the most important part…
    Please please please…include your nick in the name of the ALPHA so that we might give you credit later on when we use it!!! for example …

  7. Also if you have quite a few of them…zip them up and post em…that way you can post up one picture showing them all but offer a zipped file with them at the best resolution so we don’t take up any more disk space than necessary I don’t wanna get bopped by Pixologic!:smiley:

This and all MNC challenges are open to everybody!! Newbies…if you discovered a new cool ALPHA…share it with us…all you vets out there have learned something along the way…please give the rest of us some hints!!

This mission, should you choose to accept it is for fun and bragging rights only, ZBC and Pixologic have nothing to do with it other than allowing us to have fun with their fantastic program, no prizes other than the pride and kudos you get from creating something cool .

Good luck and have fun exploring!!




Some alpha’s








gravel 1.jpg


Here are the alphas I was making at work today

I broke it into 3 files for easier download.




and the next one…[attach=8402]Raw-alpha-4.jpg[/attach]



and finally…

Hope you enjoy!


Rawnrr, what kind of work you do??! :smiley:

:smiley: :+1:

I am a graphic artist by profession(about 15 years)…though my day job is nothing to speak of creativly speaking.
But I have been developing products for poser for over 3 years nows and consider myself a pretty good texture artist.

With regards to alphas…is there a way to store and organize them in zbrush, so I dont have to import them all the time?



Here is one thing you might try, to automatically load fifteen additional alphas of your choice every time you start up ZBrush.

First, SAVE a backup copy of your DefaultZscript.txt file found in the ZScript directory.

Second, edit the DefaultZscript.txt file and insert this line toward the end of the script:

// ----- run alphaload -----

Third, create in the Zscript directory a new file named alphaload.txt that will contain commands similar to the following:

// alphaload
[IUnPress,ZScript:Show Actions]
   [FileNameSetNext,"ZBRUSH_ZExportImport\Alphas\mountain alpha.jpg"]
   [IPress,ALPHA:Brush 01] // remember to reselect default alpha to Brush 01       

//end alphaload

Change the sample path and filenames appropriately.

For instance, the full path to my alpha files is:


in the script, the syntax becomes:


(Remember to make ZBRUSH all caps! :slight_smile: )

After you’re done, the next time you load ZBrush you’ll find the additional alphas loaded into your Alpha Palette ready to use. One thing to remember, each additional alpha uses up ram, so be discriminating about the number and size.


Although I cannot upload any of these, the Bryce v1, v2, v3, v4 and v5 distribution disks have a lot of alphas included. Anyone with a copy of Bryce can utilize these as alphas in Zbrush.

Also, the Bryce Terrain Editor makes a good alpha generator.
(Likewise, Vue and Terragen).

And for those who own a copy of Photoshop, there are a couple of free plugins for making tileable textures and alphas (height maps);
MapZone, and MapView;

Wow some great stuff guys!!!

Jotajota, Bas, Rawnrr…thank you!!! some very cool alphas to get the ball rolling!!!

Acme…thanks for the links…I think folks should find them most useful!!!

Again the question. When I tile the texture on a cube, I want to use it as a mask to inflate it. But only the untiled texture or alpha can be inflated. Anyone can tell me how to use the tiled texture as a mask?


ZBrush Document.jpg

I am not sure if I am understanding correctly but …

I think your answer might be to INVERSE the mask…

which you can do with in tools:masking…and click the inverse button.

if that’s not what you are looking for please let me know.

ps…i know i saw you ask it before…but couldn’t answer then…am gonna go re find it to see if I missed the mark.

ok…Bas, in that first post I think you wanted to tile that tileable texture/alpha…best way to do that is to…

download Svengali’s way cool can’t live without it…MAP IT script…the link is in my signature.

You can play with various mapping modes, load the alpha as a texture and try various h - v settings…when you find one you like…make sure you hit…tiles button to create a new texture with the h - v settings you desired then you can either hit Int button in tools:masking or in texture palette hit create alpha then go to tools:masking and it the alp button.

hope that makes some sense…if not …ya know where to find me hahaha.

Thx but I want to inflate the tiled texture of the first cube like I did in the second one. But not only one texture tile. The first cube has the texture tiled 4 times and I also want this inflated, the same as the tiled texture.
Now the texture of the first is inflated only 1 time.

Try once texture is applied in the Masking Panel press Int and them press Inflat in Deformation Panel¡
Let me know if it work

MapIt was the key to do wat I wanted!
Thx Amininuts, learned again!
Andreseloy, what you mentioned I did but the problem was how to get it tiled. With MapIt I could make the tiled texture and inflate it :smiley:
Thanks helping!



MadWickedStinerAlpha1.jpg \

I like it…

Oh nooooo MadwickedStiner…

hahaha I think I am gonna lose an afternoon playing with that one and the decobrush!!:rolleyes:


Here are a few … dont know how usefull they would be.

Just played around with some filters in PS. :rolleyes: