Alterton sketchbook (update pag.6)

Hi there zbrushers!!! I have been lurking this site for ages, looking for inspiration. So much talent and incredible works!!! And this programs rocks!!!
Allow me to introduce myself, I am Alterton, I have been “traditionally” sculpting for the collectible biz for about six years. I have done works for DCDirect, Diamond Select, Art Asylum to name a few, and right now I made the jump to the digital world thanks to zbrush. You can see some of my “traditionally sculpted” works at my site http://www.alterton.com (wich is not up to date)
Exactly six years ago, in one of my first gigs as a freelance sculptor, my boss, an ol’ timer sculptor told me “Learn 3D because there lays the future of this industry”, so I started to search about this 3D world he was talking about, Maya and 3D studio, wow a pain in the neck to learn, impossible, no way!!!
My first contact with zbrush was as reference art for a statue, the mesh was done by none other than the talented Mike Pavlovich and it was GOW Boomer, you can take a look at the sculpting process at this page, an article I made for promoting an upcoming sculpting book
http://popsculpturebook.blogspot.com/2010/04/alterton-bizarre-emperor-of-epoxy_09.html By the time we did this piece the 3d printing was not so advanced like today, so the company decided to go traditional instead of printing the awesome model Mike did.
Time went by, and my old boss words kept jumping in my head “Learn 3D because there lays the future of this industry”, And then I saw Joe Menna, Adam Ross and Jason Smith stuff for companies such as Bowen Designs, Sideshow Toys, DCDirect and boom!!! It was time. All my researches about “the” 3D program for printing pointed to Zbrush… I had to learn it. So thanks to the big help of Mike Pavlovich, Adam Ross and Joe Menna, here I am posting in this awesome forum!!!
Here you can see my first works, hope you like them!!! You can see bigger images and turnarounds here http://www.alterton.com/digitalgallery.html

Right now I have a couple of offers to work strictly in 3D! I can’t believe it!!! GO ZBRUSH!!! and yes, I am specting zbrush to be a stand alone program cause pixologic has the ba**s to do it!!!l
Thanks all for watchingclericfighting01sibgle.jpgvicarfightingsingle01.jpgoraclefightingoneshot.jpgpriestfighting-single01.jpgnunfightingsingle.jpgmonkfightingsingle.jpg



Simply awesome, you deserve everything you have worked for

BTW, all this characters are original creations from a story I have been developing for a couple of years, most of them were born as traditional sculptures I decided to take them into the 3D realm, here you can see some of them as a pre painted statues… http://www.alterton.com/minions/maingallery01.html

and here you have some zbrush and photoshop renders of some of the models… again, you can see bigger images here http://www.alterton.com/digitalgallery.html


And finally, a zbrush sketch model I was trying to convince DCDirect art directors to release as a companion of a piece I did traditionally: The JLA build a scene diorama that came out a few years ago http://www.dccomics.com/media/product/9/0/9080_b_full.jpg

Remember, this is a sketch so there are some details to work like anatomy and clothing… The JSA build a scene dio




Man, two words: Extreme Amazing!! 5 Stars and top row!!

Spectacular work! The detail work is beautiful. 5 stars!

Congratz u have done fantastic works. 5 stars !

wholly moley! the detail is unbelievable. welcome to zbrush :wink:

Bad to the bone, great work.:+1:

Wow. Awe inspiring! :+1: :+1:

Very impressive work, 10 stars!!! Hope to make something like this too!

crazy stuff man! Congrats!

I think you should use some diferent material on some parts of the piece, the images start to get really confusing at some point.

Looking foward to see more stuff from you!

edited: The page was with some errors. Just load all the images now! Great stuff!!!

Stunning! Just stunning work and you have a wonderful story. Well done in all the progress you have made, it has paid off. :smiley:


Really awesome work!

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Wow! If this doesn’t deserve top row, nothing does.
Awesome stuff dude. :+1:small_orange_diamond:sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Great stuff dude!! Goo luck in your job.


Top row I reckon!

Simply awesome sculpting!!

good thing you posted such small images, now i can try to appreciate the modeling and not see anything ;D
Dude, come on, post some bigge pics, but it looks really nice from what i see now ;]

absolutely stunning work!!!