ALIEN H. R. Giger original

Hey ZB fans, I thought it was about time to post here too, since my ALIEN related work would not have been realized without ZBrush.

The work show here was realized over a bit longer term and is a pure fan-freetime project (kind of never ending) and shall be tribute to the movie creature ALIEN and of course to it´s creator H. R. Giger. He made Ridley Scott´s SiFi classic an undying piece of movie history.

Most modeling was done in XSI, all detailing and sculpting in ZBrush, as well some polypainting. All texture generating (Displace, Normal, AO, Cavity etc.) done with ZB and refined in Ps. Final renders are all done inside XSI with Mental Ray and some post comp done in NUKE.

Hope you like it and I highly appreciate C & C.

Thanks for watching.



Final model of the original ALIEN on a Nostromo inspired standing base. The base should be a tiny homage towards the artists Ron Cobb and Chris Foss. They created the perfect counterpart with the man made designs of the Nostromo spaceship in opposition to Giger s biomechanical world.












really good stuff. nice clean topology on the end result there :slight_smile:

Great modeling !! Very well done on the lighting as well! :+1:

Many thanks. Yep, topology was is always important to me, because I wanna have best results while rigging outside of ZB.

Thanks again and stay tuned for more.

Great to see you there.
I saw your stuff on The Hive. Impressive.
Keep up the good work.

Thanks Sleepyhead, I highly appreciate.

Here a few more renders of the ALIEN inside the Giger style Egg chamber or silo, as it was a concept before the eggs where placed inside the derelict ship on LV-426.

gimme a hug.jpg




my home is my castle.jpg









Zb_egg_renders 01.jpg

Zb_egg_renders 02.jpg

Awesome is all I have to say. Great work!


Great work all around!

Absolutely amazing! I LOVE to see such great topology. In my opinion, there is no way to sculpt this well without clean topology. Even if you never plan to rig it or UV it. Very inspirational.


Very cool! I love the Alien stuff and you captured it well, especially in your final renders. Very dark and ominous i love it!

Really well done - the environments and sets also .

fantastic stuff… some work flow stuff on how you did the pipes would be great…

also , my favourite part is the pilot in his overgrown chair , do you think you will be making that aswell?

wow, tahts a lot of good work, i love alien movies ;D

Many, many thanks to all of you. It´s a big reward to get such nice feedback. Thanks guys!

I will try to post some more WIP and little tutorial about tubes, ripples and all the Giger style sculpting soon. Just gimme a bit time.

No words to describe, i’m a big alien fan, and your work is really amazing :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :grimacing:

Fantastic tribute to Giger’s Alien! Impressive detail work! :+1:

I like your alien but I LOVE your environment pieces. really well done congrats.

excellent work :+1:

looking forward to seeing more sculpts and maybe a tutorial or 2

This is as Epic as it it Awesome! Hats off to you for not only the attention to detail from the film, but your creativity in filling in the gaps on your scenery! :+1: