ALIEN H. R. Giger original

I can’t believe what I’ve seen. It’s absolutely perfect down to the tiniest detail. EXCELLENT job

Stunning. I love those movies and you did a fine job honoring them. Kudos, Sir.

Many, many thanks to you all. Great to get such cheering feedback.

Here now a view more renders of my ALIEN project. I wanted to show the ALIEN next to an opened egg and a emerging facehugger, as well model shots of both.



Zbrush sculpts of the facehugger.


I was asked about some of the tubing in Giger like sculpt parts. Well, beside some major tubes (like the ones in the egg-chamber), which where made as built and spline extruded meshes, I as well made myself a “corrugated tube” brush for easily sculpting finer tubes on organic forms.

Here a quick set up of that brush and the alpha. Just take a standart brush and plug the alpha in and make the settings like shown. Should do the trick. But if anybody has a suggestion or even finds better settings for that one, please feel free to post here and share with us.
Locusta tube brush settings.JPGtubing_corrugated_alpha.jpg

Many thanks for watching.



Awesome man, nice work:+1:

Ciao! I’ve seen this on your blog a few days ago, really appreciate your work and thanks for post the WIP, amazing dude!

First time seeing this thread and am blown away by how far you have come with all of the different parts. The alien is awesome and true to the original, plus you have built parts of the interior of the derelict Alien craft!!! Amazing work!!! I am a true fan!!!

Many, many thanks. I highly appreciate. Stay tuned for more ALIEN (s) in near future. :wink:


Thanks Alex. To hear that from you means a ton to me. Cheers!

Thanks again for sharing this wonderful work! :lol:

Collection of H R giger’s dvd’s . here you can search his all creations.

H R giger

Thanks for the Spam. Have it already.

But there are even better ones out there. As myself I own a hand signed video of Herrn Giger with his vids from the 70´s :wink:

Nice sculpts. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:)

Really excellent work! :slight_smile:

amazing … i cant believe on how clean your meshes are…!! any tips on this?

Many, many thanks to you guys.

And about the meshes. Well, topology, topology, topology…:wink: Sometimes I have already a quite clean mesh which I only detail and finalize in ZB and sometimes I just go back and forward from XSI to ZB to get it optimized. The Soft GoZ custom plugin is pure heaven in that case.

Wow!!!Thats pure awesomeness! Great work man. Very clean lowpoly and sculpt.:sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Thanks allot! :wink:

your work on alien is fantastic, i’d like to see some more from you first or then! :+1:

Many, many thanks. You will be surprised :wink: