Alien Challenge

Hi everyone!

I started this alien character a short while ago to brush-up on my Zbrush skills (or lack thereof) and haven’t gotten back to it due to other obligations.

You can all see what direction I went with my character, and I would love to see what other Zbrushers might do with my base mesh, so I am offering my Ztool to the community.

Only one rule…Be Creative and Have Fun ! I can’t wait to see the results!




hehe i would love to join your challenge
unfortunately i have a lot to do at the moment
but probably i can show some kind of "quickie " during the next few days

by the way
this is a good sculpt
looks quite good
my critic would be that in some areas there is a bit to much going on
i think those areas would need a bit more smoothing and a clearer structure ( e.g. the cheeks, or the nose…)

i hope you can get my point ^^ it’s not so easy to explain something like that in english



Yes indeed, do the quickie sculpt when you can! Any caliber of sculpt would be just fine. I look forward to seeing other artists interpretations.

Wow I’m glad you like my sculpt, when it was on ZBC as a wip it didn’t get many looks, so thanks a lot. It’s nice to hear some positive feedback.

Yes, I see your point about too much detail in some areas. It’s hard not to get carried away in Zbrush because it is so easy to do so.

BTW your english seems quite good, I didn’t even notice!

Good Luck!

heres a quickie from me, its not done yet though…
after around 30 minutes…




Here’s an hour doodle with it. I really liked the starting shape of your model, HYDE, so I gave it a go. It gave some good inspiration! I liked your alien version too!


That looks awseome…too me that is one of the best human skin tone textures (minus the wrinkles)…kudos 2 u…KUDOS TO FREAKIN U

Oh yeah, this is FUN!

Joopson-I like your initial sculpt it looks like a great start! What an interesting approach to the original sculpt. Can’t wait to see the finished character.

KrakenCMT-What can I say…very cool creature. I love the lighting and textures. Would you be willing to share them? I’m glad the starting shape inspired you and happy you kept the cleft lip theme, looks cool.

Keep 'em coming, this is a great start!

I might have gone a little too far from the original concept but I had some fun.
Second material is from Erklaerbar’s superb material pack,
I don’t know who made the first material but it is from zcentral too.


Too far?!? No way, it’s very cool. The idea is to have fun and be creative, and you’ve definately done that here. The material compliments the sculpt quite nicely. Thanks for the fine examples!

BTW I like the red one the best.

I thought it would be fun to try out my own challenge, (can’t let everyone else have all the fun, ha-ha) so here is my initial work.

Anyway this is about 45 minutes of work so far…still have lots to do. I’ll do more as I get the time. Hope you like it.

Am I breaking the rules participating in my own challenge?!?

Anyway, special thanks to Mahlikus the Black for the lighting and material. alien.jpg

small update :smiley:





That’s looking pretty good so far. Major upgrade! Do you plan on going further with it?

Keep up the good work.

different view





The back view is interesting with the tube section connecting the head to the shoulders! How did you achieve it?

I don’t want to detract from the challenge but I have a problem with my mesh and posted it in the “Troubleshooting” section of ZBC. If anyone is interested in helping out, the title is “Unwanted hole in Model” (sorry, don’t know how to link it)

Thanks for helping…

ok here is what i’ve got so far ( after about 30 minutes)
don’t know how much time a will put in this … but till now it was a lot of fun


your skin material is really superb

Very nice character idea. :wink:

Thanks for posting wammerl and good to see your work. That is an awesome character, it would be a shame not to finish him off. Hey I’m glad you had fun anyway, hope to maybe see more.

Here is another version of the alien…some mesh pulling, inflate and noise for the hair.


It’s all the original mesh…except spheres for eyes.

its an alienish grace jones :eek: