Alexander the great, ARH statues

Hi guys, long time no see.
So here is my latest work
a 1/4 scale statue of “Alexander the great on bucephalus” for ARH statues.
the final print ll be presented at the NY comiccon later this year, can’t wait to see him for real.
Edit: horse pose based on the “cheval a la herse” musee d’ Orsay Pierre Louis Rouillard

and don’t forget to come at the http://pixologic.com/contest/1401-Sculptoff/



Great work… will have to come back later to view as I am busy at the moment, just love the detail…

love it, has great aesthetic to him

Scale!!! Details are awesome!!!

Wow! That’s one beast looking horse You got there, really powerful! Can’t wait to see the statue on its leg.

nice work

Excellent work! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:


…inside the immobility! :sunglasses:

Cool! hope you post a photo of the print once it is done.

Thanks a lot guys ! and thanks pixo for the top row !
i’ll update the thread once i ve got new on the print but unfortunatly it won’t be until a couple of month.

i’m preparing a couple of closeup and “tips” on how i worked on some parts.

should be up soon :wink:

wow!! amazing work :slight_smile:

Impressive! The horse anatomy is perfect!

Epic piece, hats off to you! Can’t wait for the 3d print!

great sculpt dude, everything is just spot on!

Great work however you have this nice dynamic poise horse but no facial expression on the rider. How comes?

This is quite possibly the best sculpt I’ve ever seen on ZBC. The traditional style and dynamic pose is astounding. You truly have a gift.

perfect…good job

thanks a lot again for the warm comments !

thanks, i was aiming for a classical approach to the sculpt, faces are usually pretty neutral or at least don’t have extreme expressions. and the rider is not charging or talking.
he is pretty calm and rested at this moment, not in battle mode.

so now i little more in depht mini wip.
i first started to work on the horse, cause that was something i wasn’t confortable with, and what’s better than start from the zbrush dog and a lot of dynameshing later here comes the horse.
i tried different pose and various test to get to the final result
for the fine fur i simply used the penshadow brush, i found that brush really efficient to get nice short hair like this and if you change the stroke type, you either get a fine line to make precise hair like on the head or easy hair for larger areas using the spray.

the cushioning was done with noisemaker and some inflat deformation tool
for the pose, the mannequin was pretty usefull to make various test with having to spend too much time reposing what i already had sculpted
some details were sculpted and then used as an alpha like medusa’s face, saved me a lot of poly on an already pretty heavy file
and that’s pretty much it nothing too fancy

thanks for viewing !




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Thanks again, for the make of material! Could you share with us some info about the part concerning the 3d print, like how many pieces this work had to be cut into?