Alexander the great, ARH statues

Hi, i can’t really tell for sure as for those ones, i don’t work on the cuts but i would say 4 big pieces and a couple of tiny separate objects, but it could vary a lot if the molds are made base on the efficiency of the mold making or based on the incoming paint job.

I see… well, I can’t wait for the final product anyway, since ARH Studio does great job with 3d prints and final collectible pieces.


That is a truly awesome piece of work!

Very well executed here. Sharp work and lovely lighting!

Now, I don’t mean to be rude but I must be direct and ask if you borrowed your unusually epic horse pose from Pierre-Louis Rouillard’s great work? If so, you ought to mention that. The pose is quite well known and particular to his sculpture.

Edit: Thanks for adding the credit to your OP. :slight_smile:




Great work. I understand you put all your focus on that great horse, but Alexander looks a bit boring to me, like some modern Hollywood actor, not like a greek soldier.
where is his classic greek nose for instance
but perhaps you made some consecions to modern tastes?

but beside of that, i apreciate your work very much!

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Really beautiful sculpting! Thanks for posting your workflow as well!

Yes, we mentioned that from the start and it wasn’t a secret on the other forum where the arh statues are talked about during wip process. Forgot to mention that here tho, my bad.

Yeah totally, the art direction was aimed in that way, younger, and like you said, more like an hollywood actor than the real deal. style choice i would say

Bien joué petit gars !
Je vois que ton petit poney a bien évolué !

Well done mate !
I see that your Little Pony evolve a lot !

looking really good :+1:

brilliant work. i digged it

looks really cool,thanks for the breakdown

great sculpt and some great renders, congrats!

Presence - such a tangible sense of solidity and weight. Bravo.

Very nice.

i have a 3dn printer and would love to try and print this would you be willing to share a obj or stl file with me im new to 3d printing but i have gotten some amazing results so far my goal is to use the prints to do lost wax casting. i would like to see the made in bronze

may I ask you what is your job ?