Alex Oliver ,Zbrush 3.0 WIP

My names Alex Oliver , im a Zbrush teacher in a school call Melies.
and im a freelance artist ,with some works done to Cinevision Studios and works to National Geographique Channel

im a traditional sculptor that choice Zbrush like my digital tool!
what i can say about Zbrush 3.0 is that Zbrush have all features that a traditional artist like me really need.
Two years ago i got the best time in my life ,when i got my first experience with Zbrush,and it happened again when i got 3 months ago my license to Zbrush 3.0
well,thanks to Pixologic team!!!really thanks to believe in my work!

and here`s some works that im doing in Zbrush 3.0;







Old man


scream sketch






I’ve run out of words … too fantastic! Stunning.

Disgustingly awesome!!!

i’ve seen it before, but… wow! hehehe. that’s it, man… kick ass stuff! always. you’re an inspirations for everybody, alex. keep it up!

abraço! thiago.

After some minutes trying to put my jaw back in place i am able to type again… Alex u are an amazing artist, the way u bring life to your sculptures is where your challenge shows. We can feel the flesh and bones, the muscles getting pushes and pulled, wow that is amazing.

Great to have artists like u showing us your work.

wonderful!!! I love your job!! I always see your works in 3d4all and now here, tava querendo fazer seu curso na melies de design mas ta caro ainda nao dá pra mim heheheh abraço!

Alex!! This is so impactive that I have to post imediatly man! Fantastic, incredible, was the first words that came in to my mind after the first white blank.Awesome man! Thank you for showing the way!! Keep rocking!!Abração!!

No doubt that you are an incredible artist my friend but this new version of ZB helped you (and me and all here) to improve our works so much. Congrats on those beautiful new works :+1:


oh my God,
Alex, i still am not believing the one that i am seeing.
very very very gooddddd

you is very good master


Great characters and amazing sculpting!

Are those all rendered in zbrush?

ooo great jobs !!!-----------:+1:

Moochie-thanks buddy!

KrakenCMT-thank you!!

James Rod-thank buddy!

Forni-thank you buddy!

leodan3d-thank you!!

Dalton_Muniz-thank you my friend!!

Antropus-thank you buddy! and congrats for you amazing stuff too!

Tatu-thank you my friend!

vandersousa-thank you!

billrobertson42-NO! it`s just realtime viewport print screens!! no render there! :smiley:

here `some images more;




The layers and levels of detail…just amazing. And, even the cool factor aside, GREAT design, especially LOVE the Orc who looks like smells something bad, lol.

Thanks for sharing your work!


Alex ,no words man! amazing work!!

Alexleia- Truly masterful works, oo my talk about bringing your concepts to life!! Great thing about your sculpts is how much personality and character they each seem to have, a unique life of their own. Soo what 1 feature or 2 would you say really stood out for you in zbrush? Anything you can share on the HD geometry? At any rate can’t wait to see more and as always keep em coming!! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Alexia - What can I say? I’m struck silent.

alexleia,I love your work!!:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

wonderful works!!!:smiley:

Wow, where should I begin? There’s too much to take in at a time. :+1: :+1: :+1: