Albino Veteran Orc Commander - by Patrik Karlsson

Hello everyone!

This is a personal project that I have been working on for some time.
It is my take on Warcraft meets LOTR. Lots of thought behind every polygon on this guy.
His left side is more functional for battle while his right side is more of a trophy area. I wanted the orc and the items to look weathered and quite battered.
His very thick skin needed to feel old and wrinkly, no six-pack but still very strong - an older and bigger Orc then most.
I wanted all the items to feel proper sized in relation to each other and to him.
He has lost site on his left eye and has some what melted face/ear on that side as well, that and missing a part of his left pinky are a few indicators that he has been into quite a few battles.
He has an anvil on reinforced with metal stick as a weapon… because I recon that might make sense to an orc. First smash things with it, then repair things with it then repeat.
One of the bigger challenges while designing him was to make sure that he would be functional in movement while being quite armored.
As a result he is very mobile, I did skin every object on him (1250+) making it possible to animate and pose him easier.
Anyway I hope you like it.








Amazing work. I really appreciate how much thought you put into the design, and the attention to detail is quite extraordinary. Wow.

Congratulations. I think this will hit top row in no time.

:smiley: Super Duper Awsome

He’s a handsome chap xD

Superb attention to detail, definitely battle worn, great proportions, I really like this, looks decidedly menacing, nice job

Looks Awesome! I really like how the equipment on him turned out with the layers of parts and weathering on them. Looks Sweet!!

Really appreciate the thought put it, rather than jumping straight in. Nice detail too.

Thanks so much guys.

Will upload a few more images soon!

amazing work, details doesnt look over do.
the way u have explained abt the character make a good sense on the design and details.

Keep Rocking man

Really impressive! Hope you´ll show some more pics :+1:

Always a pleasure seeing your work Patrik! :slight_smile:

Hope all is well!

/Jonas Skoog

wow it is so great. I really love the concept and detailed sculpting. this is the best image by keyshot rendering. :slight_smile:

This is really incredible! So much detail. Is there a lot of HD sculpting here? What is your process to get such fine detail?

rohitsingh.bhui: Thanks a lot!

Frankyn: Cheers man. Here are some, more to come! Stay tuned.

Energise: Aw man glad to see you stopping by! Hugs from the other side of the world!

Yuri: Thank you very much for the kind words. You rock.

zomnombie: I will add a couple of images here to explain my process and my way of thinking on a small part of this character with a few minor advice’s.

I spend a lot of time planing out my character before exporting out all the parts into zbrush. This is party to make sure that I can get up to the wanted subdivision lvl to have all the detail I need. While maintaining clean topology.
Another very important thing is keeping order, the more complex character the more time you will save in the long run by placing/naming everything neatly.
That goes for all the steps, even stacking your uv.s like shown on the first pic will help you when texturing etc.
On this character I divided it by different materials/maps. And within each material I had appropriate amount of sub-tools.


Here is the naming and order.

For finer detail I used alphas a whole lot. I just love alphas and how easy it is to get very funky alphas out from any texture.
A few first ones might look odd but in almost no time it’s possible to build a small library of favorites that will do wonders for you.
I also like to have a lot of control and rather then apply an effect to whole object I like to place my high frequency details on the preferred areas before moving on.
Almost everything on this whole character was made with help of this few alphas that I picked out.

And here is a small demonstration how I would go about detailing top part of this front skull.

Man, that is some dedication to detail! Wish I was half as dedicated in my free time as this. :slight_smile:

Quite impressive Patrik!

nagulov: haha thanks a lot man! Very kind of you, just keep at it. I hope this will give you some extra motivation!

xuxo: cheers buddy!

Awesome breakdown man.love it.;):wink:

Diablo: Thanks so much!

Loved it Patrik, awesome work…:+1:

Pure fury, just woow man :smiley: