Al Buraq waits

thanks for the info. we all believe n this story . sorry I didn’t read the back story you write . just I see the pics and want to say that’s a good work :smiley:

I think you did a good job overall. Great work on the concept from the text as well. The overall image pulls focus from where it should be though. As you go up the wall, everything should be less detail and not split your attention. :wink:

Excellent work, although I’d like to see it from an angle to make Al Buraq look
much more imposing and noble. Really front page stuff!

Oh man!!! :o
You broke my heart…
:o :+1: :+1: :+1: :o

Gorgeous piece of work, i love the colors

I’m at a loss for words. The top row was well deserved :+1:

How was the sky and clouds accomplished? Are they from ZBrush or Photoshop?

It would be interesting to see the pose towards and closer too the camera rearing up on its hind legs. Awesome as it is though :+1:

one :slight_smile:
Different style :wink:

Thanks Guys…!! Happy you like it… again couldnt done it without ZB… CANT WAIT for the NEXT STEP!!! dyeing for it!!!

The top image was painted in PSD… but the objects sculpted displacements :wink:

some breakdown for you :wink:


Nice and poetic.

And very Arabic.

Dude…u da Man!!!

and thanks for showing the process for the sky, very cool. :sunglasses:

Wonderfully crafted piece of art, Love the concept and the way the vibrant colours of the creature stand out against the background.

Full marks, and look forward to seeing more of your work

glow on the foot is amazing…

absolutely awesome, you got my five stars! Its a truly magic image.

Top row man!!! Congrats! Its good seeing stuff like this up there :+1:

Magic is the right descriptive word! Congrats, by my opinion if a work of art reaches proportions as insprirational and involving as this and draws you into other realms, its the only word to describe it. The pinnacle of art: magic! :smiley:
I am really glad to see a piece with a quality such as this utilizing some amazing background materials from Islamic culture, which has indeed produced some of the most magical pieces of world art and literature. Just think “1001 Nights” or “Conference of the Birds”. Anyways, really amazing!
Any chance you might share what modeling/texturing/painting steps were done in Modo, which in LW and which in Zbrush?

khalid72…congatulations on the top row!!! it was innevitable. :smiley:

That’s inspired.

Nice work! I love the sky in that shot was that just painted? I like the lighting over all. Also is the Western wall 3D as well? Did you make up the displacements for that. Fantastic concept! WELL DONE!

Beautyfull piece men :slight_smile:
This is the kind of pics u want to have in ur mind when your are in deep sleep dreaming first about nothing…and then it all starts to take shape…sweaty and gasphing out of breath u come out of bed thinking by yourself ‘Now what the F*** just happend, was this for ReaL’???

Top row technically!
However having wings growing from he’s a*s can cause a serious balance problem when will try to fly :lol: Unless he likes to fly in upside down position :wink:
Well, luckily is a magic creature :smiley: