Al Buraq waits

Hi all, nice to be back…well heres the BACK STORY…
Al Buraq is the winged steed that carried the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) from Mecca to Jerusalem on the Night of Isra’a and Mi’raj. This is a holy night for muslims when the Prophet ascended to the 7 heavens and met with all the prophets before him. The first part of the journedy (Isra’a) was from Mecca to the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem on the back of Al Buraq. The Prophet is said to have alighted here, tethered Al Buraq at Al Haram Al Sharif and rose with the Archangel Gabriel on the second part of the journey (Mi’raj) to the heavens.

There are many representations of Al Buraq and I wanted to make my own to reflect some of the amazing things that are said about him. He was not very big but had massive and colorful wings and a tail like a peacock. It is said that he could traverse long distances because he could place his foot on the horizon and in one step reach that point. The shooting star resembles the flight of the profit with the help of Gabriel the angel… Al Buraq the flying Horse like creature waits as it is his duty to be there for the profit when he coms back to earth so he can return him to his home.

I just loved the story and some of the descriptions in it so I had to create an piece that would capture some of the beautiful imagery I imagined. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did…

Big Thanks to my partner and good Friend Rashad for help on the Story and back ground info, also thanks to my good friend Abdozy for his efforts

Created with Lightwave Modo Zbrush and PSDi-small.jpgmuharraqi_image53.jpgicon1.jpg

Excellent work!

I really love the head and general feel of this piece. it definately feels magical. only thing that kind of seems strange to me is the location of the wings on it. are they supposed to be there?

any chance of getting some detials on Al Buraq?

oh yeah…the glowing hooves are cool too! :smiley:

Aha!!! nice observation!!!

yes-!! you are right, Pegasus… The horse with the wings on the Back of it. …

But the Islamic Buraq is a different creature, it is said that the Godly creature has wings but coming out of it’s hind legs … some even say that it has a head of a lady… it looks at the skyline where the sky touches, and touches it with it’s hoofs to be there… so distance is a different concept.

Thanks again
Wires coming up-!!


Beautiful work. Another one for my inspiration folder. :slight_smile:

Khalid, you mentioned that you used LW, Modo ZB and PS. Can you give us some additional info regarding your process? Did you do basic modeling in LW, advanced in Modo, detailing in ZB, and final composite in PS? Just wanting to learn about someone else’s process.

Again, beautiful piece. Its great seeing something other than monsters, trolls, and heads being done with ZB. :+1: :+1:

I’ve been closely following your works…and all of tghem are exceptional in quality…this one is so well made… :+1: :+1: Top row material for sure.

Top marks for this one. It’s ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. Love th wing colors. Don’t change a thing. Top row for sure.


What can I say … :+1: extremely well done:+1: ! Interesting illustration and fits nicely with all the rest of the work i’ve seen of yours here. Can’t wait to see how it was broken down by what programs did what for this piece. Only thing for me is as well done as the sky is… seems from your background story the horse is basically the theme. So wouldn’t mind just seeing the horse… wall and that upper top part of the building. Most of the sky would be cropped out. Kind of narrows the field of view and gives focus to the theme more so. Can’t wait to see more as always with all the nice stuff on this forum!!

Interesting creature. Really nicely done. The colours are beautiful. I cant help but feel that the neck is a tad to thin? My horse anatomy isn’t the greatest. I could be wrong. This is a really beautiful piece. Congrats! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Magical image, and inspiring story too, different cultures, different creatures. :+1: :+1:
Like oR_Creeper, I’d like to hear a bit more about the workflow. The Buraq (does that mean ‘horse’ or is it a name?) totally lacks a ‘rendered’ feeling, I really like that. Furthermore he’s radiating power and magic. :grimacing:
Though I have nothing but awe for such artistry, I do think the stonework is not as beautifull and detailed as the rest of the image. Especially in the foreground the stones remind me of Lightwave procedurals. The two ‘holes’ in the foreground somehow don’t feel like real hollows…
The pose and perspective are original two, quite an achievement to show ánd the waiting horse on the ground ánd the shooting star in the sky at the same time.

Glad you like it, thak you!!

this was done in a little over two weeks, if I would have spent another 3 weeks on this I could have gotten it looking real, But thats not my intentions, Because it is a story from religion & no one really knows exactly how the creature looks I had to keep it at a fun creative Color theme…
I am very pleased that all have enjoyed the Story and the image…
I will post more stuff but here is the LW riggs


Yeah, top row for sure. Excellent and inspiring piece of work!

Stunning detail there ! Look forward more :slight_smile:

Excellent Steed!

all the words for this piece have already been thrown out there… magical… inspiring… top row…

I even like the placement and size of the horse in the scene. The wall looks like some great and powerful establishment; some sort of obstacle or weight that roots me in a mundane, oppressive world. The creature strikes me as a ray of light standing in defiance of that structure, radiant with the power to go beyond and inviting me to join it in exploring that magical sky.

Top class art, I like it alot. :+1:

Is there a reason why this is not on the top row yet??

5 stars. The brick wall looks a bit pixely or rough. But i dont want to nit-pick.

Top Row! Brilliant :slight_smile:


Not sure… mut happy to be here shownig you guys the image :wink:

Great work khalid as the other art u did
the Buraq is great just the wings I think It can be great when u but t in a place neer the the nek :+1:

Dear Brother the image was created from an old story, in the story it tells you were the parts start… please read the story here ;).
Happy you liked it :wink: