Akze - Sketchbook

Hi guys,

Since the Release 2 i decided to come back to 3d, the new tools are fantastic (dynamesh/curve/etc…)
Few stuff I have done with the R2.
All done on a “netbook” Asus Eeepc 1201N with 4gb ram :smiley:

Hope you enjoy.

WIP- I started yesturday (the head is almost finished)

Dynamesh(body) + Curve Surface (wings) -> dynamesh


Having fun with Dynamesh

Dynamesh + Insertmesh








I like these sketches :slight_smile:

that bike modelling is interesting . :slight_smile:

I really like all your work, but especially the green, bat-winged guy. It’s very Lovecraftian. Excellent texturing.

This is neat! I haven’t really wrapped my head around dynamesh yet. You are making me want to go play. The fly is great and I really like the results you got with the dynamesh + insertmesh, there are some really interesting shapes there. It looks like you are having fun :slight_smile: Well done.

Thank you guys :smiley:

Quick one i’ve done today


More details , polypaint and render test

I started from scratch with a sphere… Dynamesh is fantastic :smiley:

(Eyes were made on photoshop)


In memory of a good friend of mine who passed the way last week.

I did some changes in the preview ilustration, i’ll post the result after finishing de composition.
Meanwhile , i made a more detailed microfone than the one i used for the new composition.


Welcome back, amazing work.Very interesting style! :smiley:

Thank you Chalkman :slight_smile:

Here’s a quick one (wip) i’ve done this afternoon (dynamesh+organic brush+claytube+insermesh dot)

Wonderful, I really love this! more please! :smiley:

First try with cloth modeling :slight_smile:


Nice! Kind of looks like a R Crumb character. :smiley:

Thank you chalkman :slight_smile:

Inspired by your works, i’ve done a quick one , before hollidays .

beautiful… what beautiful colorscheme, and great movement. love it

Oooh … I love that one! It reminds me of waves. I am flattered that I provided some inspiration!

Cheers, Akze!

Last night = Insomnia :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick sculpt with BPR render and some BPR Filters + photoshop (smoke & Background)

cold night.jpg

Helmet quick sketch (Lich King’s Helemt inspiration)

helmet wip.jpg

Awesome sculpt, I love It! Cheeers, David :smiley: