Acuatic Mostro

Greetings, I leave the images them of my I complete model, in fact the second that I make in zbrush, has but geometry that the previous one, i love zbrush.

Saludos, les dejo las imágenes de mi ultimo modelo, en realidad el segundo que realizo en zbrush, tiene mas geometría que el anterior, me metí un poco mas con las texturas, creo que ya le encontré el modo al programa.
Josué H C, México, Nezahualcoyotl.
Modelo y textura : Zbrush
Render: 3d max
Espero sea de su agrado. :smiley:









Super first model! Keep up the good work.
Nice idea and use of the material.
I’d like to see more people push unique approaches to creatures like this.:+1:
A good idea goes a long way.

Este es el ultimo render
mi primer modelo esta en:
es un dino.
Espero opiniones para poder seguir mejorando, gracias.

Thank you very much, Mr.Monster, I hope to continue improving, the program is incredible, limits is the imagination. By the way, your work also is incredible, greetings.

Very cool monster… its many eyes give me the creeps… :slight_smile: And very nice render as well.

Muy Buen, quiero la textura y el detallar. Arrepentido para mi español malo.

by the way is that a texture or a material?

Este es el ultimo de la noche
Gracias por sus comentarios. :smiley:

It is a texture done in zbrush, and a material done in 3d max, with color transparency. :wink:

Excelente textura, josueh3d.:+1: :+1: :+1:

I love it !
It’s a very disturbing creature.

Very interesting shading/texturing effect. Somehow, I don’t feel like eating Jello anymore. Anyways, do you mind sharing how you achieved this effect? Great job.

Realmente has mejorado de una manera espectacular! Sólo he logrado encontrar dos fallos:
-Los labios deberían ser más independientes de la boca, para que puedas animarlo con gestos faciales.
-Tal y como están dispuestos los dientes, no parece posible que pueda cerrr la boca (los dientes chocarían).

Pero vamos, realmente fantástico! Sigue así!

Why is this not int the top row!


Cool render.

I’d like to give this artist extra merit for the great improvement he has made since his first model (this is his second). Check it out at

The both have some similarities, but this second one is clearly pro quality. =)
So keep it up and please show us more! :+1:

The material was created in 3d max, material of standard type, with translucent shader in shader BASIC parameters, in maps, uses your texture created in zbrush in diffuse color and diffuse level, translucent color uses a map type fallof, and uses normal bump with your map of displacement created in zbrush for bump.
That is everything for the texture, render is normal.
Saludos y gracias por sus comentarios, seguire trabajando. :smiley:

This it is I complete to render, with an adjustment in after effects, is better no?
Este si es el ultimo render, con un retoque en after effects, se ve mejor no?

Me gusta mucho el efecto q le diste en after effects concuerdo contigo q se ve mucho mejor, el efecto de la textura es muy bueno, continua asi…

has ta la proxima

Esta mano es para un concurso donde requieren un modelo con pocos poligonos, este modelo tiene 9600 polys, el modelo para el concurso tiene 2300 polys, faltan detalles, espero les agrade.
Modelo y textura en Zbrush
Render en 3d max.
Mexico, Neza 2006

[Mano 3 a.jpg]Mano 1a.jpg

Que opinan del modelo?


Mano 2b.jpg

Looks good, like the design of the character and you have done some very nice renders.

I like the “dirty” look of the hand, especially the fingers. I think the porportions of the hand are a bit off but then again not all hands are perfect.