Abstract image gallery

My friend juandel gave me the idea to make
this thread.
I want to update it sporadically with new
abstract images :slight_smile:


A new abstract image :slight_smile:


Very cool. Very complex Zabstract image :+1:

I wish I could achieve this sort of excellence in abstract. This is very well balanced and full of texture. Unfortunately, my mind doesn’t work that way. I tend more toward the realistic (or as close as I can get, anyway).

Great work, my friend. :+1: :+1: :+1:

Jumping on the Abstract bandwagon

Both Stargo and RC, very nice

Here’s ME —not an abstract–a self portrait :smiley:

Sorry Robo and RC, I missed your nice abstract images :frowning:
Both are great :+1: :+1:

My contribution. I like abstracts!

Oh Cool idea!! I love abstract but I didn’t see too much posted so I didn’t post any either (well except one and I only got 2 posts on it so I figured abstract wasn’t popular).

Anyhow here is one of mine…called Alien Garden

i had to shrink it to meet the size requirements.

thanks for starting this thread!
Great work and a great idea!

I don’t know whether this counts as an abstract image, seeing as it’s a re-working of a previous representational image, but I wanted to be a part of such a fun thread so here’s Amazon Under Glass… :wink:

Thanx for a great thread idea, Stargo! :+1: :smiley:

Very nice images Stargo, and everyone else too! :slight_smile:

Here is one I just completed, all 2D. Here is a script of it: Abstract.zip
I had to zip it because of the size limit, but it runs very quickly; about two minutes. (Actually I think it must have taken me over an hour… the power of compression.)

WOW! a very :cool: gallery, bravissimo, everybody!!!

  • juandel

Well, here’s another one for the gallery. :slight_smile:
Again, a recorded script: melting.txt

Thank you very much for your interest, my friends :slight_smile:
DeeVee, Northstarr, Stonecutter and Muvlo,
your images are very nice and abstract
:slight_smile: :wink:
Mulvo: Thank you for sharing your ZScripts.


another abstract :smiley:


OK! Time to jump in. Here’s a little abstract something I did. Use it as a background or something, if you guys want. It tiles. :cool:


very creative and really cool!
I love the scene.
Would you mind giving us a lil tut on this??:laughing:


Thanks Aztec. I’m using Z-Brush 2, Photoshop, and Texture Maker to come up with these crazy ideas. I’ll use anything I can get my hands on. I just sculpt what I need in ZB. Export it to Texture Maker to add the fine detail and make it tileable (if needed). Then it’s into Photoshop for touching up. That’s really it.

OK. Here’s one I did. It also can be tiled. This was a fun one… Let’s see some more Abstracts!!!:smiley:


Hi to all :wink:
O what a surprise,
I haven’t been here for a while and now I’m back and see a very old thread of mine is alive again.
Shame on me, that I have forgotten these thread.
I’m glad to see, there are some other lovers of the more unusually pictures here at ZBrush Central.
In the new ZBrush 2.0 modeling world isn’t almost any place for the more abstract images.
Btw. I do the best Zbrush heads :wink:
Nice images mindsculptor and bonecow.
Thank you for reminding me of this abstract galerie.
These are 2 new abstract pictures of mine.


I will keep these thread alive, now.

Have a nice day





If you’d have painted that 100 years ago you’d be classed as a master artist.