About the next step for ZBrush


It has been a long time since my last post and I am glad to have this opportunity to communicate with you again:) .

I am certain that you want to know more about the next ZBrush version, but first, I would like to talk a bit about ZBrush 2…

ZBrush 2

ZBrush 2 launched in April of 2004. As I look back, I can’t help but wonder whether ZBrush was the only thing that was released at that particular moment? My belief is that something else was also released - something that is far more important to you as an artist - your creativity. To clearly see this, one need simply look at the imagery and posts of recent years. During the last three years, the artist community - professionals and hobbyists alike - were able to reach higher, to create more and - dare I say - feel more about their art. Of course, this progress cannot be attributed solely to us; it was - and continues to be - a collaborative effort of the artist community at large. A community with diverse and talented individuals as well as forward-thinking companies who are constantly looking for ways in which we can be free to create, free to explore, free to imagine.

I can not even begin to describe how pleased and proud we are to have had the opportunity to play a role - small as it may be - in the lives of artists all around the globe. And we are truly thankful! We are thankful because when all is said and done, it is you - the artist- who is the true driving force and the core strength of our community. Our thanks go to the artists who have led the way, the artists who have created imagery which motivated countless others, the artists who have shared their knowledge and to those who have always been there with a helping hand. We are all in this together and we share the same goals. We look forward to the time that we will be free of technological constraints and be able to live what we imagine.

These times are not here yet, but we are making progress one small step at a time.

One of these small steps is ZBrush 3.

ZBrush 3
T h e N e x t S t e p

Creating the sequel to ZBrush 2 was not an easy task, we have traveled long on an unpaved path. We have explored countless ways and discussed numerous ideas.

During this process, we have refined, tested, and refined again every feature. We have also scrapped features that looked great ‘on paper’, but in practice were just “another feature” which - although increasing the number of features - did little to get us closer to our goal.

With ZBrush we have set out to create a tool, which alleviates restrictions imposed on artists, and to unleash the ‘artist within’. We want nothing else but to create an environment that is an extension of your own creativity; an environment that will not only allow you to ‘get the job done’ but will also encourage you to experiment and go the extra step. Ultimately, our goal is to enable you to create and then be truly impressed with your own creations.

That is our goal and even though there are many steps between now and then, we are thrilled to be on this journey with you.

In this post, I will introduce to you some of the features of the next ZBrush step. I am very excited with the possibilities that will be made available to you and I believe that when the next version is released, it will make a greater impact than version 2 did. It was not easy, it was not simple, but it has always been rewarding. If the responses from beta testers are any indication, then we believe that you will be happy with the next version.:slight_smile:

ZBrush 3 continues our development by first and foremost putting the artist in an immersive digital sculpting environment: we have boosted ZBrush’s speed, refined its functionality as well as expanded its capability by adding real-time shadows, real-time material capture and render (MatCap™), full 3D sculpting and texturing with alphas and textures, advanced ‘digital clay’ with up to one billion polygons using HD geometry, real-time posing with ZBrush’s Transpose functionality, perspective camera, 2D / 2.5D /3D mesh projections, mesh retopologizing, topology/cavity/color based maskings, one-click turntable recording and quicktime export, support for 32 and 64 bit systems, mutithreaded support for up to 256 processors, and more.

Without further ado, here is a short movie demonstrating some of the
features that will be available to you in the next step…

take your first step

with ZBrush’s next step


May 15th, 2007

The Windows version will be released on May 15th, the release date for the Macintosh version will be announced following the release of the Windows version. The upgrade to version 3 will be free of charge to all registered users (including new users who will register before the next release). Note to Macintosh users: Since you are now also able to launch Windows applications, we will be pleased to make available to you a free-of-charge transfer of license to the Windows version, this will allow you to take advantage of the new version as soon as it is released. Further details about the license-transfer will be posted prior to the release date.

I’m eager to see the day when all the top-row icons in ZBrushCentral are for images that you have created with ZBrush 3.

Be well, be safe, be kind and as always have fun ZBrushing! :slight_smile:

Ofer Alon (Pixolator)

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Oh my god! (first post :P)

I knew it had to be something BIG and something coming SOON for you guys to hold out as long as you did. :smiley:

I’m just about to watch the video, but this is some great news and I’m pretty pschyed from the announcement alone!

Quote from Pixolator:
“with up to one billion polygons”
holy crap

somthing to look forward to then:+1: cant wait

Wow this is simply fantastic news, im so thankfull that you kept your promiss to te news and its gone way behond my expectations, Thanks to the guys that worked so hard at pixologic.

we have a release date! :lol:


Free upgrade to version 3? Excellent! Always thought the features I saw looked more like a full increase anyway. Thanks Ofer. It was a pleasure meeting you at Siggraph 2 years ago, thanks for all your work and genius.

Holy crap that video is out of this freakin world!!!

Thank you Pix. It has been a real pleasure over all these years to be a small part of your vision. I have enjoyed many hours with your software, and many happy hours viewing the posts here.

I look forward to ZBrush 3… I might now begin an even better journey.

As to the free upgrade… my hat is off to you.

Kindest regards.

Zbrush crew:
Thak you so much for this effort.
I´m make up artist, and finally zbrush was the intuitive tool taht people with practical knowledges were waiting, how many times a sculptor, painter, etc… said how close to real world technics is Zbrush!
Can´t wait to see this new Zbrush.

Amazing news and cant wait to see the video…downloading…

Thanks so much for the info and keep up the awesome work!!

Hell Yeah!!.. Thats some sweet stuff… Can’t wait to use this baby:+1:

at least … muhahahahahah (satanic laugh)
:slight_smile: excellent news and excellent job done by pix people. cant wait to use it.

The models in the beggining of the vid look amazing. And I really dig the concept sculpting were ya have the texture right on the model that was wicked. Guess I’ll have to start saving some money for it when it comes out.

Can’t wait to watch the videos! Eeee!


Thanks for this news, and thanks for keeping us hobbyists in mind. And don’t be such a stranger in the future … we love hearing from you and don’t expect news or gifts every time you post.

Hope you’ve got a lengthy, relaxing holiday planned for June.

OH MY GOD!!! I just watched the video. You people are insane. That is hot. I thought it was powerful now. I can’t wait! Well done guys! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

really thanks for this!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: