About the next step for ZBrush

ive just woken up.


Just watched the video, and im totaly blown away. Its so behond my expectations and cant wait to get my hands on it. Im going to watch that video a fair few times. :smiley: Wonder if trasparency has been added?

Thank you guys!! :+1: :+1: You made my day…I am so happy!! I have already marked my calender May 15th it is!!

Can hardly wait! This is the first time i’ve been disapointed that I run a G5.
Hope I dont have to wait long. I dont think my old PC could take advantage of Zbrush3.

Thank You Mister Pixolator, long life has you and ZBrush.

Screams like a little B***TCH

this is great news (jumping with joy).
can’t wait to try it out.


We were expecting to get update and relase date on 2.5, but hooorray, we are getting 3.0 with relase date…can’t wait till MAY 15th…you people are doing what we even can’t think…love you and thank you.

dead video link? any mirror? :frowning:

So the matcap must have been what held things up. That looks really tricky, especially if its used on skin or wax. Also all of the other features probably were really hard to code, perhaps the interface too. Not sure, will know in a couple of months though. :smiley:

Yeah, the server seems to be down or overloaded…

YEAH, BABY, YEAH !!!:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

Dead link!
Please, can this zip be hosted elsewhere, as well?

Sweet! The video-link seems dead, but who cares, we’ve got a date (release date that is).

Thanks for the info… Why is it only March?!


Really looking forward to this!

That’s super awesome!!! Can’t wait for May :slight_smile: to arrive

the link isn’t dead, just let it sit for about 5 minutes and eventually the download will start. hammering the server will really slow things down :stuck_out_tongue:


brings the smile on my face this morning!! :))))))))))

Dear Pixologic,

thanks for the great gift you’ll be giving us in May. My experiences with Zbrush since I bought it have been nothing but great, enjoyable, and an education in visual art. The program rocks and the community rocks just as much. Whatched the video and -oof!- it’s just too much to take in at once! (for those who can’t download anymore, be patient and know that it will be great when you whatch it)
My wish to Pixologic: may you always believe in and work with the ideals stated in the announcement.


This just made my day by all means! Thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you Thank you thank you thank you…(endless thanks)