Abe Sapien

Very beautiful head.
I like the eyes and mouth area.
About the purple and pink monter, pretty close to the originald esing of Jordu Schell.
Your looks more neat and clean in shapes.
Jordu is always a good inspiration for models.

Very good work ncollings!
I really like the SSS test but for my taste I prefer your very fun Violet Alien! :sunglasses: :+1:

hey nicolas!

-really awesome work, both texture and modeling-wise.


wow, this is some amazing modeling. the figure is an inspiration and is an excellent example of anatomy. I hope when i come to making a figure it is even near to how good that is. Thanks for sharing.

great update ! very subtle details !

Oof! Very good! Each model is a study of it’s own… Keep 'm coming, and nice to see a Belgian Zbrusher! :+1: :+1: :+1:

here is my latest model on which i’m currently working on. Still a lot to do, … It’s really challenging to work the anatomy on a model in complexe posed without symmetry instead of the generic da-vinci pose. darn hard but interesting!


wow. good stuff. I’m diggin’ that last sculpture. Nice to see you working with asymmetry. :+1: :+1:

gotta love the granny one. great details! :slight_smile:

keep it up!


very nice sculpting … keep it up :+1:

hey guys thank you, glad you like it.
I’ll try to post an update soon :wink:

Really nice work.

I hear you on the sculpting with no symmetry. Its a lot of work to get through. But really rewarding. Its looking really good so far.


thanks man !
i worked a few more hours on this one. hope it’s getting better …


Whoa, what a punishment? :lol:
btw good work!

Wow thats pretty cool! Its hard to do asymetry but you are doing a really good job :+1:

thanks guys !
Daemon, i love your works man, hope you will be able to participate to the Dominance War III ;).

here is an update on the female body .



Thats a beautiful sculpt right there!

Really nice.

Comming very nice!
Theres 2 small things: check the abs areas, I might be wrong but they look quite slim…
Also she seem to have a very big toe… Make its a bit slimmer will surely make nicer foots.

great works!:+1:

incredible stuffs, for the old man were do you get these shaders acan you please post?