Abe Sapien

hi guys, Here is my progress so far on a new character " Abe Sapien", need a lot of works :slight_smile: . He’s going to wear a jacket as well as a short pants + a few belts and some gears.


Hi everyone, i decided recently to focus my spare-time in anatomy sculpting.
So i i will post in this thread all my future sculpts.
I’ve wanted to start with a figurative one first .
When i’ll have done with it , i will do each part separatly, hand, arms and so on.

anyway Here is the current model. still in progress :wink:


I’m no anatomy expert but her back looks very good. Nice job so far.

I like it :+1:

Looks very well. Makes me think of some of the Art-Nouveau sculptures. One thing, and I can be wrong: I have the impression that the breasts should move a little higher with the raised arms.
Please keep on posting, and, if possible, treat us on a mesh or wire.

hey guys thanks a lot for your comments.

Here is a little update . Still need to work especially on the legs/knee/feet...

madmac 's shader slightly tweaked

Good progress! :+1: Looking very natural.

wow!! great sculpt!!

Alex Oliver

thanks for comments guys,
hope i will have some time to do more progress on her tonight.

Great study man.:+1: Keep it up! I would like to see how you solve arms and head.

hey ncollings…nice work…keep it up !

thanks guys :slight_smile:

Still practicing in Zbrush 3 ! i put the female study in stand by to start a portrait of an old man. Hope you enjoy, and let it rip with your comments ;)


He look slike a healthy old man with his tightish skin in parts,nothing wrong with that though.I really like the female work also.Marvelous sculpts.


thanks dude.

Here is an update, hope it’s getting better…


Very nice skin details!

Really great sculpts. Love them both. The old man really is coming along nicely. Can’t wait to see him finished.:smiley:

Nice work, very beautiful.

Anthony Pittarelli

thank you guys :slight_smile:

I started to work on the texture this evenning. really the beginning and i’m not very good in this task :smiley: still need a lot of practice. Anyway here is my progress so far.


And here is a test in mental ray with a SSS fast skin shader.

I think my lighting setup really sucks. i tried to a lit the scene with an hdri and some spots light :confused:


hi all, yesterday evening i decided to pick up an old model that i did 2 years ago and started to texture him with polypaint . Here is the result so far with only the diffuse map. I still need to add a normal map for the face as well as spec map sss map etc…

hope you like it, the design is from Jordu Schell.

this is a test render with mental ray.

i also forgot to post the last version of the old man that i did for a cgtalk workshop.