abaker's works. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Hi all,

A long time since I posted here. I’ve used ZBrush extensively in my work since beginning of version 2 and have to say the latest version is amazing! The work here is humbling to say the least and thought I’d share a new piece done with all the new goodness of dynamesh and rendered with some lightcaps! I’ll do some more renders on him soon, and also share some older work on here.

Thanks for stoppin by :slight_smile:



Some older work using Zbrush and photoshop.


aand some sculptory stuff…



More stuff on me blog … http://andbakerdesigns.blogspot.com/

great concept and details, lovely render work!

Impressive pieces! Thanks for sharing!

All are very good. Congratulations!

Wow! Simply awesome work!

Wonderful work! I really like the female creature with the long horns, she’s got a really awesome insect-like quality to her.

Awesome work man !!

Suberb work, love it!!!

Cool stuff. Really like that ape guy.

Excellent works all of them.:+1:.That ape like character sitting in his tree root throne is an outstanding piece, and my favorite of the bunch.:slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing these…Really inspiring stuff…:+1:

fantastic work.


Beautiful posts. Excellent work :+1:

Thanks so much guy’s! Really am loving the updated features and a big congrats to the pixo team!

Another sculpt done in Zbrush rendered in Maya (although I don’t really need to do that anymore!)

Very nice, artfull work.

wow nice details and characters.

really love your style! good characters!

Great stuff in here! The ape is too cool!:cool:

Very nice work.