A piece of Red

Hi,all, I am joey form ILM singapore. And this is my latest art work.
I was chatting with an Italian friend about romantic movies, he asked me if there is any good Chinese romantic movie. I recommended him THE ROAD HOME <the road="" home=""><the road="" home="">which you also can find on Youtube:), and that day, he spent the whole afternoon watching that movie. Then, he said to me, “Joey, you should really do an artwork of this kind.” Hence, I spent a couple of months working on this during my spare time.

In this work, I want to present to you a image of a newly married Chinese woman, seating in the yard, putting in order her hair, before setting off to visiting her parental home during spring new year.

I use the movie and some traditional oil painting as reference to create this images. In my opinion, there is no major difference between traditional paining and CG, they are both ways to convey the artists’ idea to people.

Modeling with Maya and Zbrush, Then shading and Lookdev with Maya, rendering use Vray. Comp in PS finally. It is my first time to render senses with Vray.

I appreciate any critiques and feedbacks. thanks everyone.






there are some ZB screenshot and render details stuff. thx~~~~:)



Ooh, so you are taking requests? :wink:

Haha, no but seriously, this is looking great :+1:


Beautiful work! I like the painterly feel to this. It’s like it was done in traditional acrylics. Good job. :+1:small_orange_diamond:D:+1:

greatttttttt work:+1:

Excellent piece of work! Very nice. :+1:

Nice work !
I recall once I was in a small village near GuiZhou Pronvince and meet such locals. I din’t take my DSLR with me so just miss a great moment.

Great work :wink:

Oh, what a pity. hope next time you can get some good shot~!

amazing outstanding work. Top Row :+1:

excellent image! – maybe some more gloss/spec on the basket. the wicker get’s burnished to a dull shin often.

Welcome to ZBC Joey. This is a fabulous work. Just excellent. I concur with the previous top row recommendation.


Really nice scene. I love it.

This great stuff; beautiful on so many levels. Thanks for sharing.

She’s so pretty :smiley: love the textures!

COOL nice job;)

great Art super Tech!!!5 stars!

congratulation bro:D

thanks my bro~!

good job~~~ ***20146;***29233;***30340; ***20320;***22826;***26834;***20102;~~~~~~