A head sculpt


great work !+ Realy nice ! good job. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

yeah that kicks some major ass!!! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

This one really deserve a Top row status…real cool update sir.

Great work! Love the skin shader! :slight_smile:

He said that he didn’t in a previous post just further up the same page you posted on:

Quote: “So I will add more details to the bump map on some places and I will continue the diffuse map, the diffe map is done 80% by hand and the bump map is done 100 % by hand, I did not start using photo…”

WOW! :grimacing:
Amazing shader and render setup, man!
Vray is one of the best I should the sss2 for sure.

Awesome skin shader. Specularity is spot on.

I am looking forward to see what you are going to do with the hairs.

Holly s*** ! Just insane ! It seems so real !

The render is awesome, really great work. The shader is so realistic! How did you do that !

Clearly top row ! Keep it going, i beg you ! :smiley:

cool reference photos!..so wheres the 3d model?lol

stunning, just stunning very good work as always, keep em coming.

Oh my god! I would have thought that this was a photo if it wasn’t posted here. Of course its not complete but a bast majority of it is and if it were cropped without the top of the head you would think it was a real man.

Did you use the HD sculpting tool to reach this quality of rendering? Your ztool is just amazing. It’s photorealistic !

Thanks !

awesome !!! five stars from me

great work Luc !

This is looking amazing!

ce petit sourire et cet angle de cam lui donne vraiment vie ! excellent travail !
je suis assez curieux des paramètres de ton SSS, je connais que dalle au SSS de Vray.:stuck_out_tongue:

Tes yeux sont impressionnants aussi ! est ce que tu les modélises comme dans la réalité ou ce sont juste 2 sphères

on en veut plus, bonne continuation !!!:+1:

Bgguns, great renders.For the bug with the line in the disp Map, try generating the map without the “smoothUVs”. in 3.1 there was this bug where some maps were getting this artifacts with smooth UV on when generating the maps…let us know if the problem was that one

Koyima, that’s not totally right. Sometimes ( most of the time ) you have to keep the mesh at it was before you did any sculpt on it ( specially on team works when for whatever reason the mesh needs to be exact to the one before dividing ) so ence the store morph target solution or re-importing the original OBJ. The cage solution is just an option in zbrush in case you don’t have any acces to the original model anymore or on cases where the mesh comes from a retopology solution ( since those meshes are lacking volume always cos they are just modelled right on top of the original sculpt. )
The other problem Bigguns is talking is about the extraction of dispMAps. in 3.5R3, when extracting maps after the original mesh has been restored ( via reimporting, or morph, or even cage options ) zbrush will ignore that and will create the map as if we didn’t reimport anything ( that just happens witht the adaptive option ON ) so we are stuck to create maps with adaptive off, and we get a quite crappy map as result ( lacking definition on sharp and detailed areas…)

Great to know that I’m not the only one to find the displacement crappy in the 3.5r3!! Does pixologic know that??? Why they don’t do a patch for that huge issue?? not beeing able to get a proper displacmeent maps, it make the app useless to me…

yes they are aware and i guess they are working on that…