A couple of timelapses and a (future) Pixie

Hi to all!
Recently I’ve started a sketchbook of z-doodles in the Italian forum of zBrush… Here’s a couple of my works:

This is started from a zSphere… I was blocked on the eye and a woman face… I started the eye and this is what it popped up (:o it is no proprely a woman…)


Here the time lapse (less than 2 minutes for a couple of hours of work)


This is the result of this evening… it started good… and it finished mmh mmh…


This is the time lapse


And this is my little beauty Pixie!


This is my first decent attempt on a face and on a body of some feminine… and is a WIP… I know that the anatomy is not too good… But if you can help me with some suggestion I would be very glad!

Thank you for your visit in this thread! :slight_smile:


Nice work on the models! I checked out the timelapse vids…nice flow!
I think the porportions are pretty good on the female model and very Pixie-like, unless you want it very realistic. Keep it up!

I like very much the toon style… so, it is not my intention to make her too realistic! Thank you very much for your words AA-ron!


How did you start your Pixie model? Did you start off with zspheres or a base mesh from another 3d app?
I really like the eyes on the model…are they poly painted that way?

Hey guti. Some really nice works here. Keep it up :smiley:


@AA-ron: I maked head torso, arms and legs with polysphere. Sculpted a little then I retopologized all. Separately I’ve maked Hand and foot with the same workflow (for real the hand was the same I used in my Terror Tales work).
At the end I’ve joined hands and legs first with insert-mesh then (with retopology) I’ve merged the edge. For the last pass I’ve used the Highpoly version of the models as “rigging” and lowpoly version as “topology”.
Here’s some picture of the resulting topology.

[[attach=77611]1.jpg[/attach]]![1.jpg|424x316](upload://mkI98V9UlujifLo6x0mnIbNZICB.jpeg) [[attach=77616]wire.jpg[/attach]]![wire.jpg|560x637](upload://ppGhaKohTisqCskKcocwxb2Hpxv.jpeg) The base model, now, was done... Now i'm still sculpting it! There is a little update on the face [[attach=77614]3.jpg[/attach]]![3.jpg|413x512](upload://fIoVzRremWoeZlHudskl5s146dz.jpeg) For the eye... sorry! It is not polypainted... it is a picture of my eyes that I've taked for my selfportrait model...

Here’s the texture I used for the pixie eyes

[![gutisEye.jpg|466x459](upload://kRGSu8QOPI88VbmWPkUcjxGzdEQ.jpeg)] @Brett Sinclair: My models is really nothing compared whit your work... but your words maked me very happy! Thanks!


Awesome Works Here!!! Very cool GUTI!!! :+1: :sunglasses: :+1:
Ciao! :smiley:

Thanks mate :)!.. I’m waiting for your next sketch! :+1:

Hey Guti, nice work. I especially like the green head.
ciao :+1:

hi guti, very very nice staff, i like most the woman elf ;O)


@Dondemaker: Thanks! I agree whit you… the green head is more interesting respect the other

@Mrc_o: Thanks my friend!

Doodling with zBrus is trilling …I think I start an abdiction whit this
Here’s another doodle…



Very defined, another great model :+1:
I can never get my ears to look proper like that haha.

Was it rendered in Zbrush?

Wow Guti! Another cool Work! Also the Mat is very nice! :+1: :sunglasses: :+1:

@AA-ron: Thank you :smiley: very much! …The ears ares not too difficult to make: one day I’ve stolen the mirror from the bag of my girlfriend to sculpt as exercise using my own ears as reference… and now I make the ears without refs… peraps not too properly, but ok for my purposes!
For the render… it is a zBrush best render with matcap and two light. Each Light as shadow on. See the attached file with material and light setting if you want give-it a try!

@Piz: Thank You Piz! I’m Happy that you like it! See the attached file if you want make some test with the material!

The attached zip contain matcap material and Light setting for best render
Here’s is a preview image rendered in zBrush (whitout postproc)… on the rigth the texture used for the matcap material

Hope you find this usefull…


nice…and thanks for the material :+1:


A beautiful dragon is in the top row… it is my inspiration for a simpler toon-version of my own little funny dragon!
It started with zSphere, sculpted and retopologized (for now only the head…)
This preview is a zBrush render with a personal matcap
Hope you like it :slight_smile:



A small update on my dragon model… I’m not too sure on details on the head…




I like the details…makes him a bit more interesting/eye-catching.

However, they definitely highlight the lack of details over the rest
of the body (too great of a contrast IMO).

good stuff all the same, tho. :slight_smile:


Thank You very much WailingMonkey!
You are rigth: here it is too much contrast from head to body… but I’ve detailed head to make some test before detailing the body… I wish to continue on in the coming days :slight_smile: