A couple of timelapses and a (future) Pixie

a real z-dragonguti!!! hhiihih i like it a lot :smiley:


Nice work on the dragon model, cant wait to see the rest of the body with the same details! :+1:

Good Update Buddy! :smiley:

Marco, Piz Grazie mille! :smiley:

Thanks AA-ron! I started in detailing the body… still have to do wings and abdomen and starting to adding teeth and belly…





Very Good Again Guti! I like very much the the red version… you are Materials Master! :smiley: :+1:

Thanks a lot Piz! I love the matcap capabilities… but I still have a lot to learn!

I take a little break on my little dragon…
Still continuing on my doodles with the hope of get better whit my sculpting skill… I know that the anatomy is not proprely correct… but if you like there is anoter timelapse (for the sake of thrad title :slight_smile: )

Here’s the timelapse:


And a couple of rendering



great piece, i love your materials :smiley:

very nice toon style, detailed but attractively distorted! thanks for the clay

Very good work on this last Guy! Thanks for the timelapse and also I like your toon style… :smiley: :+1:

Ciao Guti! :wink:

Thanks Onibaka, hyper_z and Piz!
I continue my test on materials… far from realistic… but I like the result!

there it is the great Antropus’ skin material and a couple of matcap… plus a lot of testing on the operations with all this layers!


Your doodles are realy impressive:+1:

…the head is getting better and better each time!!!:smiley:


Thanks Aiman!
Thanks MRC_O!

This is anoter dooddle… I’ve saved the zBrush session… but it’s too late here (Now is 1:35 here in Genova!!!) so I’ve no time to make the timelapse… I’ll try to make it as fast as i can.


This is the first of the series of doodle where I haved an idea of what I wanted to do… and the result is close to my idea so I’m very happy :slight_smile: !

Hope you like it!


This is excellent! It reminds me of the “critic” on Ratatouille. Look forward to more! :wink:

Excellent! He looks like some sort of vampire butler! Haha. I live this a lot!


Great Guti! :+1: :sunglasses: :+1:

@Paint Guy: Thanks! …When i sculpted the last head the “critic” was on my mind (with other similar dark characters…). Ratatouille… what a great animation movie!

@Brett Sinclair: Even a figure of a butler was in my mind! …a very gothic butler! I’m very glad that you like it :smiley:

@Piz: Thank you very much! The next piece is one of my first attempt with a reference… I hope that you can recognize this old funny man (it was from Genova)!

…I’m sorry that I promised the timelapse… but something goes wrong with the zScript… and replayng it make a model badly messed up…

I hope that you can enjoy this last doodle… it is one of my favourite character actor… and it was from my own city :smiley:



great Govi portrait Guti :smiley:

:+1: Really Stunning Guti! :+1:

Sembra appena uscito dai “I manezzi pe’ maià 'na figgia”!!! :wink:

Grazie Onibaka! Grazie Piz!

Here’s a doodle of another old man… I Hope to start working on something different next time…