55 Dragons design "Marathon"

Nice Dragons! Good design.

Gorgeous! I loved the design! Congrats ! 5 stars :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

holy crap!

excellent work sir!

thank you for the inspiration.

Very cool website and awesome graphic work. I really like the 2d stuff too.

Question about your website if you don’t mine me asking…

How did you build your image gallery so the images “float” over your website that you can close or move to the next image? Is this from a web template or special html code like CC style sheet?


Do you paint your 2D stuff with Photoshop or another program? Your choice of color really pops!

Thank you for your kind comments guys!

mokthemagicman_ I dont mind :), I used Lightbox:
Cool script and quite easy to install. There is plenty of support built around it if you go that way.
As for the coloring methods, on most occasions I do it in Zbrush and then do some light tweaking in photoshop.

My web page bandwidth got depleted in couple hours after sharing link, so I had to re-upload to Youtube, this should work flawlessly.
This is 24 videos of my recent modeling sessions from the February, “55 Dragons Design Marathon” recorded in Time-lapse manner…
Keep Zbrushin’


:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

You’re not human!

Wow! Just wow! You have my vote for this thread!

Love these designs, so many unique amazing designs and all sculpted/executed perfectly!

Congratz, 5*! And I hope this gets featured!

Bloody hell! Im absolutely astounded that anyone can create this amount of work in the ime you allocated yourself - and each one is beautifully realised. Absolutely deserves 5 stars! Wow! :grimacing:

LOVE these - Now and again I think about doing a similar exercise, you’ve got my juices flowing to do it.

Hey Air…Great set of dragons, and alphas…Thanks for sharing both…:+1: :slight_smile: …and also big congrats on the top row…Well deserved…:+1: :slight_smile:

Man, You’re The Man!

It’s great to see your process, thank you for sharing! I love the little fat one with the flipper feet, I want to pat him on the head, but I get the feeling I’d be missing some fingers if I did :slight_smile:

damn dude you went off!

This is some impressive body of work here!! By far dragon 33 is my favorite, wicked design and sculpt. Congrats on top row:D

Well deserved top row! Congratulations. Thanks for posting these videos to YouTube… though I have a feeling I wont get any work done today because of it :lol:

Fantastic work!

very inspirational, i must make my own dragons:D. so do you design while u sculpt or do you have a sketch or a concept for reference before u begin sculpting?

This is cool! Thx Matthew, thx Zbrush Central, very rewarding!!

kaleden_ I know, Zbrush Central is a tricky place, you can easily get swept by amazing talent that swims around here.
Urchinator_lol, I guess that’s highly likely. I on the other hand started fantasizing about bean bag in a shape of that dragon.
ZETS: Ajde sad ti zbrushaj nesto, imas znanje, imas talent, front page strpljivo ceka ;D
SpiritDreamer_ thank you mate.
Francis Bezooyen_ I cannot recommend it enough, the feeling after is just great.
Completing the challenge, ending up bit faster, bit more skilled and with loads of work behind you, not to mention insane ideas for some illustrative work I got from all this. So, if you can and have some spare time, just do it, dont think about it.
Selina42_ thx for kind words!
Darukin_thank you mate
ektho_I’m a DinoMonster xD

At least half of them were conceived on paper, really rough fast sketches, other half was born solely in zbrush. Often, I would sketch something on paper, and once I got it roughly in Z skethc I would start having even crazier ideas and build upon that initial thought.