55 Dragons design "Marathon"

Hi fellow zbrushers!
This thread is collection of Dragon bust 3d sketches I did over the course of February using Zbrush.
55 designs in less then 28 days.
Most of them are modeled from scratch or recycled from the previous zsphere base(teeth,tongue,eye were also mostly recycled).
On average, it took about 2 hours give or take to model each dragon.
During this design “marathon” I have recorded most of the modeling sessions(except couple of models I had my zbrush app crash in the middle of session) that is something I plan to upload and link to this thread once I get it up to my website.
This was a great challenge for me and it turned out quite beneficial.
I ended up with some sharper skills, became faster in conceiving something, got some cool ideas for dragon related images that I plan to flesh out in coming weeks/months and a nice collection of 3d sketches…so I highly recommend something like this to all of you, especially if you have some spare time, to set a challenge for yourself and get it done in given time.
I’l keep adding some wips and sketches to this thread as I continue my work related to dragon stuff.

attached is part of alphas(zipped package) I’ve created specifically for this “marathon”, feel free to use it in your own work. Same package can be found at PIXOLOGIC ALPHA LIBRARY

Time-lapse videos of 24 Dragons

Images bellow are rendered in Zbrush…

very cool stuff there. I love the last dragon design. I’d really like to see the other designs you came up with, these are all pretty awesome.

Thanks for the alphas too.

Great work


Nice work. Good imagination on the designs. Also, thanks a lot for the alphas.

If my jaw would´nt have dropped to the floor, I would sing now a song of praise to you :wink:

So I guess your wacom started to glow too during this killer dragon sessions?

Stunning work man, and this has to be pinned in top row!

Hope to see one day a tutorial or something alike from you, would be awesome :+1:

These are awesome man! Thanks for sharing the alphas :sunglasses: :+1:

really really cool works man, really impressive detailing! and thanks for the alpha brushes :smiley: waiting for recording :slight_smile:


Super awesome of you to share.

Very impressive! Love the details!

By the way, is it just me? I can’t seem to download the alpha pack you’ve uploaded on http://www.damirgmartin.com/gal1_files/damirgm55dragonalphas.zip

Sorry for the ATT’s, will look out for that on my next upload, have never uploaded so many images at the same time so I wasn’t paying attention to that.

@SolidSnakexxx__ try opening the link as new window or use different browser.
I tried the link and it works for me.

Yeah, I cant wait to sort out recordings and upload them as well… I enjoy watching these fast forwarded making videos, processes of turning pile of unorganized virtual mess into something readable…

love them all. Would you record the process maybe in the future and post it?

:+1: :+1:

he man nice work i really like the designing of dragons.one thing i have to ask
what is your render technique.pls share the render technique

You can be the next “monster Hunter” creature designer!

Thanks for sharing!

thx you so much…awesome alphas!

bilo je i vrijeme vise XD