55 Dragons design "Marathon"

Subscribed! Wonderful job on the heads. With 55 heads, I didn’t think you’d get this much variety. Fantastic job! I think I can see snake, demon, and dinosaur influences in a few of them, but they’re all quite awesome. There’s so much attention to detail in these, I’m truly impressed you were able to create so many so quickly.

I’m anxious to see your WIPs and anything else you have to show us :+1:

awesome work!
i love them all, keep it up, some very nice references here!
But my 2 favorites are this ones! because i love when it stay “simple”.

“How to Train Your Dragon” didn’t even had this much variety! That being said, I’m really surprised to not see any “cute” dragons. But since each of these guys look vicious and unique, I guess it’s better that the cute dragons are left out.

Awesome !:+1: thanks for the alpha’s!

These are amazing! I have been wanting to model a dragon for some time now, but I don’t think it will ever look as cool as yours haha. Thanks for the alphas!

Holy cow, these are awesome! I love how far you’ve taken these designs. VERY bold choices, and they all work. I could see all of these dragons/creatures/dinosaurs having existed at one point or another. Top notch! :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thx for the positive feedback guys!

sarNz_ Same with me, but I discovered I’m better when I tone my brain down , thinking less and doing more. I was like those small dogs that would chase each and every car it went by, I was not chasing cars luckily, but i would come here for example and see 10 or 20 super cool models and concepts and I wanted to try and match each and every one of them, ending up doing nothing.
So, sarNz my friend, stop wanting and just do it :smiley:

Tyrone70_ Oh I have cute ones as well, just wait for it :slight_smile:

madhead_ nothing fancy actually, 3 layers exported to photoshop and tweaked there, layer 1 was shadow, layer 2 was shiny reflective type of matcap, and the last was zgrab(zdepth)

nassosa_ I plan to upload making of videos(not informative ones, but the fast forward manic modeling session ones, but they still might serve some purpose)

stefanobernardi_ dunno any monster hunter, but if you were thinking of one and only “Monster Maker” Rick Baker, well, thats to kind of a thought :slight_smile:

Tremendous work :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing alphas. Hope u could show making of one from them :slight_smile: Cheers

Love the fat one!

Amazing work! I really like the variety of the designs so far, and impressive to be able to work so fast. Keep 'em coming, and can’t wait for the ‘making of’ videos.


Maravilloso, wunderbar, incredible!!!
This heads are so inspiring!
Thank you for sharing the alphas.

Looked at these at Cgtalk, terrific designs and renders!

I thought you would know about Monster Hunter :slight_smile:

Maybe it can give you some good vibes for your next 55 dragons!

That’s awesome!!

I saw some of these dragons around but never connected it with the game, definitely inspiring designs in it.
I know about the game Lair, it has some really cool dragon designs.

All 55 dragons in one place:

Wicked!!! keep it up.

really love the variety and the really different ideas… 5stars from me :slight_smile:

Realy great your style and immagination! :+1:
5 stars!