3D Sketchbook of Zeno Pelgrims

fantastic work. I love it.


Thankyou! :slight_smile: The concept is by the amazing digital painter Dylan Pierpont!

Did some shader work. I enjoy using arnold, but god - can’t wait to switch back to vray…

Keep in mind that the materials are still very much WIP.

Looking forward to feedback on this.


That doesn’t make any sense. Reading a book about Anatomy while working on some mech thingy antenna or what ever. Picture is great, good composition and mood but message is bad.
That guy looks like an alchemist/scientist but that art book ruins the whole setting.

Do some book about electricity or the Ether, something interesting which fits the guy and what he is doing.

I love replies like this one. Very useful. Thankyou!

Great choise with the Anatomy book.:+1:…Kind of reminds me of Da Vinci…into everything,…especially Anatomy :)…Keep up the Great work :+1:


Maybe he’s looking at an anatomy book to find where he can place to put that gadget he’s working on. Maybe off-camera there’s some sort of monster he’s creating. Who knows? Use your imagination. Not everything has to be black and white and spelled out for you.

Gret job so far … keep going !!!


Finished the occlusion pass. Shaded version rendering out as we speak. Expect it soon!

Magnificent! Can’t wait to see the shaded version! :smiley:

Cheers, David

For the past 2 years, I’ve commuted from home to school and back by train. Because I don’t like to waste a lot of time, I read a lot of anatomy books during these trips. This, as you would expect, did not go without the strange looks of people I did not know. The picture basically tries to capture how I think these people saw me while reading my precious Anatomy for the Artist bibles. I’d also like to thank the amazing digital artist Dylan Pierpont (dylanpierpont.com) for letting me use his brilliant piece of concept art, on which this image is based.

I’m seriously trying to find something wrong with this. I mean I’m really trying. I got nothing.

This is freaking awesome.

I got something. The veins on his hand are too blue. I think the distance from the camera to his hand wouldn’t show the blue of the veins. If that makes sense.

Cheers man! :slight_smile:

This is looking absolutely fantastic!.. I think you have a great future ahead of you with ZBrush!..

I’m trying to learn anatomy also. Was one of the books that you read Anatomy for the Artist: By Sarah Simblet? If not could you link me to one that you used.

Cheers for completing this image, it rocks !

The story behind it adds a lot to it too :wink:

Thanks man!

A very important book is Scott Eatons Anatomy for the digital artist. Another one is anatomy for the artist by the oxford university.

Small uni assignment, we had to make a character with only 5500 poly’s. Here’s what I came up with.

Have been working on a new project! Almost finished with the blocking phase. His name is Gauthier, he pretends to be a real chef but in fact he just works at McBlaBlaBla (still have to figure out a name)


Some progress but still need to do a zillion things.