3D Sketchbook of Zeno Pelgrims

Hi there!

Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Zeno Pelgrims, an 18 year old with a passion for 3D art. I have been thinking to make a blog lately (mainly for myself, so I could look back and see my progress) but then I realised making a blog-like thread over here would get my work a bit more exposure.

Enough bla bla bla for now! Let’s post some pictures of my work in progress.

Follow me on twitter, I’m kinda active on the platform: @zenopelgrims

Currently I’m working on Father Time. Still a ****load of sculpting work left, woohoow!

I’d greatly appreciate some serious, harsh feedback. It’s the only way I will improve.

Unleash the beast.






Started blocking in the beard. I need some advice on this. Would it be wiser to sculpt this, or should I do this with maya fur?


Not a big update, but since i want to keep this thread alive i decided to post a wip anyhow.

Finally had some time to set up my displacement maps in maya with a better light setup. Still a lot too dark though.


Decided to post a new, brighter image since the previous one was a bit on the dark side.


Aha! Here we are again. I’ve been busy texturing the character. Still WIP though.
The beard is a placeholder, it will be replaced by maya hair.

Since zbrushcentral won’t allow me to post a 4k pic, here is the link: http://graffik.be/wip/TestRender.jpg

I’d greatly appreciate some harsh feedback guys (keep in mind the hair part still needs to be done)


I like your character! :slight_smile:
Great feel to it, one crit I would give though is to try and integrate the beard more into the face, right now it looks kinda detached.
Keep it up :+1:

Very impressed with the quality of your work, regardless of your age. One item that’s sticking out to me though. Have a look at the length of forearm to upperarm and perhaps the length of the arm overall. The forearm seems long, should be roughly equal to the upper arm.

Hands are getting a little “mushy” post posting. Make sure to reinforce the impression of bones pushing out in the knuckles and the like. This should be a predominate feature due to the character’s age.

Maybe overdoing it with the gathered leather of the image right arm. It feels like straightened, that sleeve would droop to his ankle. Would be good to carry some creasing into the pants and the jacket though. Specifically in the groin, the fabric appears very taut.

Finally, posing wise he feels a bit static. You have that wonderful long beard that right now you’re just really taking out to the side. Get some “S” shapes into that to add interest to the feature.

As far as the body goes, I’d suggest thinking more about the silhouette of your pose. Right now you kind of have a jumble here, with that scythe crossing the line of the body and the tangle of arms to manage it. If you put your ground in white and your character and props in black you’ll see what I mean right off. The silhouette doesn’t read clearly. I would suggest moving that weapon out to the side, in one hand, with the butt of it on the ground. This will open the silhouette and give you some room to work on the pose of the body, without that linear element obscuring it.

From there, I’d suggest altering the stance. Right now your line of action on that torso is pretty much vertical. Shoulders are over hips, everything’s horizontal. I’d suggest grabbing a mannequin from the lightbox and playing with posing with a proxy prop. Knock off several quickly until you find a few you like with dynamic lines of action, some twist and bend in the torso. Then select one and muscle your creation into it.

I know that’s a lot of possible changes and rework. So I just wanted to close by saying I’m really impressed with the ability you’ve shown here. Your materials are very strong. Your sculpting ability is obvious. You’re going to do great things, I think. Stick to it.

Wow, can’t thank you enough for this comment! :slight_smile: It def helps a lot.

Quick crunch during a latenight polycount hangout:

Clay render of my Father Time character :slight_smile:

A scenery I’m working on at the moment. As you can see - still very early. I’m very curious about how the mood will improve when I sculpt a character and add it to the scene. Should be a lot of fun!

your work is getting better and better. I would recommend you to have a closer look at the materials of the characters accessories. For ex. the axe is having a very soft feel to it, if you could have some hard edges over there, it will drastically improve your sculpt. Looking forward to more of your awesomeness!!!

Are you talking about the clay render or about the textured version? :slight_smile:

In clay render.

Did some more subd modeling for my current project. Since it has an override mtl, there are no bump/normal/disp maps in the scene.

Still a lot to do (model some more - move on to sculpting - continue texturing and lighting the scene)

Looking very good so far. With good lighting and nice dirty shaders, this will be very nice ! I’ll be watching.


Didn’t have a lot of time (moved from Belgium to the UK to chase my dreams and study computer animation), but managed to complete the sculpting pass.
Next up: texturing!

Very much enjoying this scene that you are working on…It’s Great so far.:+1:…Can’t wait to see where you go with it…Luvin the composition:)


Awesome sculpt and content … bravo! :smiley:

Cheers, David