3D mouse Spacenavigator

Dear Zbrush users,
There are no SpaceNavigator drivers for Zbrush so far. Like me you are planty to think that it would be great to use Space navigator in this fantastic program.
To make both 3d connexion and Pixologic understand the necessity to work together and develop a compatible driver, I propose you to leave your voice on this message.

The more we are, the faster they act.

Link to the same petition on 3Dconnexion forum: http://www.3dconnexion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=20595#20595

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I agree that Zbrush and its users desperately need 3Dconnexion support… If your a 3D artist and you don’t use a 3D mouse, get with it. 3Dconnexion designed proper control of your viewport and its taking years for folks to wake up. I hardly use ZB for the lack of support for 3Dconnexion devices. Its 3DC for me until I see some support…



Yes, this definitely gets my vote too. The navigation in 3D is so much easier with a 3D Mouse. Please Pixologic, give us the ability to use them in ZBrush!


Yes! This NEED’s to happen ASAP.

I’ve just seen there are new drivers available at http://www.3dconnexion.com/index.php?id=231. Not at home at the moment to try them, but has anyone tried them with ZBrush? Any luck getting it to work?

Hey they kinda work beta still u can turn and rotate the tool in zb with the controller it has some issues where u fight for control with the wacom so if u work with an either or action its workable.
I want to be able to both turn and sculpt at the same time in a nice fluid action.
I thought thats what i could do in photoshop , but trying it yesterday it actually does the same thing…just the rotation action is smoother.
But its in development and beta so I hope it can be perfected


thats the 3dconection forum post about it

wtf? why is zbrush the only software not supporting it? Even photoshop supports it and thats for 2D only…

3d connection would be very nice, have read the forum of the beta support and it seems that can not use wacom and 3dmouse at the same time, hope Pixologic enable support for 3dmouse

That’s what I’ve heard too. I bought the SpaceMouse Pro and cannot use the beta yet so I can’t even play with the experimental support for ZBrush to see for myself. Being able to use the Wacom tablet at the same time is an absolute must though, and probably will only ever happen when/if Pixologic decides 3D mice are actually worth supporting.

I was having problems with wrist and joint pain from having to hold down the ALT key all day (which the majority of 3D apps make us use for navigating even though it’s not really needed) and CTRL as well (for making multiple selections/deselections, also not really needed)). It’s a large part of why I purchased a 3D mouse and it’s helped immensely. It’s easier and just so much more natural. Now if only 3D apps would let me toggle multiple selections/deselections instead of having to hold a key, I’d be set.

One cool thing I’ve discovered while sculpting and painting in 3D Coat is that I can create continuous strokes that revolve around my mesh, something ZBrush could really use (especially for curves). It’s great for making creeping vines, long tubes that wrap around a model multiple times, that sort of thing.

Yeah, I’ve tried making profiles for ZBrush and Sculptris with the Beta drivers, but they have limitations. I really hope that Pixologic reconsider and add native support as they would be such a great combination, second only to a graphics tablet.


I use my wacom with my space navigator all the time in poser pro, and photoshop. Why you couldn;t do it in zbrush is beyond me.

BTW, the makers of the space navigtor have a beta test build of a driver with thier own zbrush support… maybe give that a spin?

Beta 11 doesn’t support the SpaceMouse Pro yet, but they said they’re working on it (for beta 12 probably). Or is there a beta version of the stable release (version 3.15.2) that attempts to support ZBrush?

Plus one for my vote

Please kind developers add support for 3d controllers.

I know it has been asked before but I’m told

“ZBrush is a digital sculpting and painting program that has revolutionized the 3D industry with its powerful features and intuitive workflows. Gone are the technical and often tedious constraints typically associated with digital art.”

I don’t understand why these new tools are being ignored. It seem so obvious to me that its a step forward to be able to rotate the subject without tedious stopping to take your brush off the object and finding buttons to press as well.

I know the old school don’t like the innovation but Zbrush could also embrace other revolutionary developments in the industry with not so many lines of code.

3Dconnexion alone has shipped more than a million 3D mice so its not just a few users moaning any more. There are pages of other supporting software now Autodesk, Rhino, CAD and CAM SolidWorks etc.

Please Devs reconsider.

+1, Modo has it now hurrah!

Modo has, yehha!! They initialy didnt seem to be interested either…

Is that standard in 601 or an add on?

Standard with 601, teething problems at the moment but will be fixed soon in SP1

Thanks for the heads up.

I have modo 601 (and Softimage and Zbrush for that matter). I tried SP1 out and for me, it’s as smooth as in Softimage. Very nice - and how it should be. I’ll certainly add my voice to this petition as using a 3d mouse is exactly how I want to be working in Zbrush and I’m baffled with Pix haven’t addressed this yet. I am hopefull they won’t overlook this in ZB5. I believe Mudbox might have this support by now? If so, pix should really try to find time to keep up with the rest of the industry.

I tried the 3dconnexion beta drivers but whilst I always try to remain constructive, their approach just isn’t going to work for me. They are using a mouse emulation and the right-click nav but even if they can disable other mouse/pen devices when in use, (which at the moment stops it from being usefull to me at all) it just isn’t as fluid and natural as native support. Good on 3dconnexion for trying though…Without Pixologics help, that’s the best they can do.

BTW, I’ve been using Zbrush for a while now, but this is my first post in this forum. (I’m usualy over at Lux). So hello there to all the Zbrush users.:smiley: