3D mouse Spacenavigator

You are correct, Mudbox 2013 now supports 3d mice too. In fact I would say a majority of CG apps now do, with Pixologic being one of the last holdouts. I believe the few that currently don’t (Topogun and xNormal for instance) have confirmed plans to add support, which means ZBrush will probably end up being the only one that doesn’t some day.

Someone like Marcus Civis should take a look the SDK ( http://www.3dconnexion.co.uk/service/software-developer.html ) if it´s possible and how hard it is to integrate that into ZBrush.

Last week I bought the SpaceMouse Pro. It is great to use in Cinema 4D, so count me in to vote for implementing the 3D-mouse in ZBrush. Being new to sculpting is hard as it is, so why not help me controlling my ZBrush-tool?

I tried the beta-version of the 3D-Connexion-driver on Mac OSX, but it is not stable at all, so that is not the solution (yet).

For me it’s a bit of a step back when using ZBrush without the 3Dmouse. I’m a 3Dmouse user for allmost 15 years now and it’s become second nature.

I’m new to ZBrush and made the choice for this program because of all it’s superb possibillities to translate my creativity. I knew the 3Dmouse isn’t supported and made the decision to learn ZBrush no mather what. I really hope there will be native 3Dmouse support in the near future, this would make working with ZBrush more natural!

+1 for me PLEASE! :wink:

Yeah +1 for me too - started using a navigator with Modo 601 (after the fix) and if Zb could handle it like Modo does (and no doubt others but I only use Modo!!) and get 3dMouse certification that would be cool.


i was JUST about to post on zb central on WHY hasn’t pixologic added this mouse yet? i have it in modo and it’s freaking amazing. COME ON PIXOLOGIC!!! we have been asking for this for YEARS! do you not listen to your users?


R5 is out and still no support for 3D devices :-1:

Pixologic you need to make this happen!

I just got a space mouse after I learned modo supports it. After a few hours modelling, I fell in love with it immediately…and then was complete shattered when I fired up Zbrush and there was no joy.

Make it happen!

Another +1

Spacemouse pro making all my 3D apps so nice to navigate, except for my nice new shiny copy of ZBrush :frowning:

It just makes navigation so intuitive.

Spacepilot with ZBrush … A dream-team! So add my voice – please pixologic and 3dconnecion: Get together and make this possible. :slight_smile:

for the nature of modeling in Zbrush, 3d Mouse should definitely be the native way of navigation… Please Pixologic think about this…

I wish more people would jump on this and comment Space Navigator support isn’t going to hurt anyone. Separating viewport navigation from mesh manipulation with a space navigator and a modifier key without a Space Navigator should be adopted by Pixo posthaste. Native integration of these low level functions as options at least is something that Pixologic should have done years ago just to serve faithful customers that have stuck with the product despite it’s quirky UI when other options have become available.

…Also don’t bring up Zswitcher please. This is a fine tutorial but it’s no substitute for a company listening to thousands of customers that have requested UI functionality options that allow them maintain the muscle memory they’ve gained from their main full pipeline tool for years.

+1 from me. Get on board Pixologic! These tools are here, they’re real, if you don’t use them your program will be left on the shelf. I leave it there more often than not because no 3DConnexion support.

For the love of god PLEASE! I gave up on Zbrush awhile ago, went to mudbox. Specifically because of 3dconnexions support. I miss Zbrush, and check back from time to time to see if things have gotten better. Would love to go back to Zbrush. But no controller is a deal breaker. Don’t care how many fancy features Zbrush comes up with. No good with out the controller. Now that Im use to it I most certainly cant go back to software with no support, my fellow artists feel the same. I’ll keep checking here though to see if Pixologic have seen the light. Till then I’ll keep pumping my money into my 26 seats of Mudbox.

I also find it interesting that Pixologic can’t be bothered to respond to this thread. Maybe if they at least gave a good explanation for why they refuse to add support. People might better understand. Seems like they just keep sticking their head in the sand? Been looking at forums and starting ones myself for years, YEARS over this huge issue. And not once has Pixologic stepped up to explain why they keep ignoring their users. Looks like the entire industry has wised up and Zbrush is the last to come around. If they ever do. Some day this will all catch up to them. Its a dam shame, but I wont feel bad about it in the end. Been over a decade, and they still haven’t come around. :roll_eyes:


I’m a 3D mouse user for over 15 years and I would like to use it for zBrush. Now I’m glad I didn’t decide to go for Mudbox with the 3D mouse support. Since a few weeks I’m able to use Mudbox at my job and must say the use of a 3D mouse is somewhat useless. The program gets clunky when you use the 3D mouse while sculpting at the same time.
When Pixolologic decides to implement 3D mouse support I hope they will do a better job then Autodesk did with Mudbox.

As far as I know Blender3D is capable of smoothly 3D mouse navigation while sculpting at the same time.

Since I’m using a Cintiq, my life got a bit better with zBrush, but I’m still hoping for a (smooth) 3D mouse support.

I agree that having better integration between the 3d mouse and pen strokes would certainly be better. I disagree that it is useless. I still like using the 3d controller for quick camera movements around my model. And being a long time user of 3d controllers myself I am very a custom to the hotkey buttons. Makes my work way faster, and makes my day a little better. At least the Mudbox team have recognized the need and demand for the controller from their customers. Zbrush continues to ignore this very important tool used by digital sculptors around the world.

3Dconnexions have stepped up to the plate and tried to find a work around. But with out Pixelogic’s support they can’t do much else. It’s come down to being asked by 3Dconnexions to its customers to try and get Pixelogic to cooperate by begging them to see the light. Personally I think its BS that it has to come to this point at all.

You also mentioned “when” Well its been years waiting for this and not a word, or action has been uttered by Pixelogic on the matter. Seems like “if” or “never” is more likely. Better off making your request for dual controller and stroke action to Mudbox. At least they listen.

I too use a Cintiq HD touch. LOVE IT, Mudbox already has drivers so you can use the touch control to navigate your model. And zbrush?.. Still like the controller better myself. But its nice to be able to type Iphone style on the screen. No more Keyboard getting in the way.

  • 1 - Would be a great addition to zbrush! Though yes it absolutely needs to work in harmony with a wacom tablet!