30 minutes head modeling

Hi all :slight_smile:

Day after day, i’m learning new stuff on the demo version, and here is a hi res modeling test of 30 minutes from the ball tool. I subdivided 3 times to finally get this :


Hi Strike
On lui a marché sur les pieds à ce pauvre homme ? :smiley:
How stand on toes of this poor men ? :smiley:
Ball tool = Sphere3D :smiley:

Eh bien voila, cela devient plus fluide et rapide :cool:
Un peu ridé peut-etre? Et des oreilles anémiées :smiley:
Mais dans l’ensemble ça cartonne! :cool:
Il est pas sympa Zbrush ? :rolleyes:
Pour les calques et photoshop voir mon Post
ps Le mĂŞme en Lightwave prendrait combien de temps Ă  modeler?

Thats very intricate detail work…well organised and thought out…You’ve considered his expression and the flow of his skin to place details stratigicly…so in that repect its very impressive…Welldon.

Pilou I think I’m going to have to learn french so many of the great artist here a french speaking , and who know what secret modelling trick you are passing :cool: :qu:

Once again like to say great job .


Yop Pilou :slight_smile:

Merci pour l’info des calques :slight_smile: Thanks !

For the same modelisation with lightwave, i’d probably needs to change my PC due to the slow modelisation tool of it, and with the number of polys of this mesh… Something like one week ?.. uhm… no probably more… :wink:

Hi Kircho
If you want to know the secret you can try this :cool:
And you will see that was just congrats and remarks about ears again :smiley:
Have happy french learning!

Mersi pilou , no luck, it was funny to read the translation though :))

will just have to do it the good old fasioned way :slight_smile:


just another.

WOW man I guess it show us how to watch our temper. heheh great modeling. :eek: :eek: :eek:

guy looks pissed off, great job!

Hou! Qu’il fait peur :smiley: :eek: :eek: :eek:
Excellent :cool:
Ps Quelques “jaggies” sur celui du bas :slight_smile:

ok it’s official :stuck_out_tongue:
Strike is hooked on Z :slight_smile:

Really amazing work, Strike. :+1:

Hi Strike this model is just great¡¡
Can you share wich material you use?
Thanks in advance

Um, I think you forgot to turn the teeth on the bottom pic. Looks like they’re sideways. Models looks great though.

very impressive this creature got too much good details :eek: :eek:

Ouf… over :slight_smile:

Now i can switch off my PC after several days without saving…

I learned multimarker, zpheres, and modeling tools for this test. Just a question (stupid i know) on the demo : is it possible to just save one tool with it ? for the future i mean… :wink: (just kidding)

Zbrush forever… Now i’m waiting some money to buy it : it’s official :cool:

Beutiful work Strike¡¡
Is possible to know the material you use?
Thanks in advance

really beautiful modeling , but in the last image , some of the polygons are visible instead of smoothed. have you used the
Divide counter ?(default at 3 I believe)
It’s next to the smooth(0->1)
That usually get’s rid of visible poly’s.

Cool stuff Strike…

Perhaps you knew this but just didn’t want to do it, but you may notice that your surface is a bit tessellated. Note for example the top of the shoulder in the bottom middle image.

Under the tool pallet, under MODIFIERS, there is a slider called SMOOTH. Try cranking that up to get a smoother, less tessellated/ facited surface. You can also play with the divide slider as well which does a render time sub-d to help smooth your surfaces…

Thanks all :slight_smile:

For the material, it’s just a basic one with ambient=0 and diffuse=100, no other parameters. All is in the lightning i think. (one behind, one on the side)

Yea my model isn’t smooth, i just forgot to do it at the end, and when i wanted to do it, it was too late, i already did the screenshots, and now zbrush demo is closed, i can’t go back on it :frowning: … Sorry for that, and thanks for the advices :slight_smile: I’ll think about it next time i promise :slight_smile: