24 Free HDRI maps

I created 24 free hdri maps for you - still have a lot of them waiting for upload. All hdris are equirectangular maps 5000 x 2500 px and can be used in your private/edu and commercial projects, however you’re not allowed to redistribute them on your website, blog, via torrent etc.

Checkout theses various locations - I hope you’ll find them usefull for your 3D scenes.

You need to register (hotlink prevention) to download any file you need in Freebies section http://hdrmaps.com/freebies
If you like it I would appreciate if you credit me (by linking to my website for example).

Notice: Additionally there is a pack with double sized free hdri maps organized with sIBL-edit, if you don’t have time to download it one by one.



Nice, Thank You :slight_smile: !

Thanks, these are great to have!

thanks a lot for the HDR images! they’re really clean. what do you use for unwrapping? i use a freeware called LuminanceHDR. its ok, but I don’t always get what I want. Probably because I’m missing some technique though:)

Thanks, thanks, thanks…

omg i love this images, but after register i don’t receive the confirm mail :cry:

try to click resend but nothing

same here…:confused:

Hi, guys I have looked into logs on my server and just found a problem - mail was blocked at recipient’s gateway because I forgot to configure Reverse DNS after moving to new server :frowning:
I just changed it.
Sorry for problems it should work OK from now. You can PM me your email and I will confirm you account manually or just go and try to resend a confirmation email, please.

The same thing happened to me. Alas.

Please PM your registration email and I will confirm your account manually - my IP has been blacklisted few days ago, but now it’s cleared (BTW - I 've been not sending any spam, it was just wrong DNS configuration of my host).

Thank you very much !

PS: Shopping Cart Button on picture nr 17 is not working

What picture you mean ? Can you make a screenshot or write its name ?
Try to refresh and/or clean cache of your browser if having any troubles.

Thanks for sharing !

I was finally able to download these and they look great. Thanks so much!

I added to freebies section 40 skies pack - get it for free

Thank you Abhaya!!

You can download for free 6 new hdri maps. Hope you find it usefull.


Just uploaded 12 new free hdri maps - now there is 50 free hdri maps in total.

New free hdri sky - very high dynamic range, it produces really sharp shadows without any workarounds.
Get it from here: hdri sky

great maps.

grtz p