2015 Sketchbook

guess I’ll start a new sketchbook thread for the year. First piece is a quick doodle I did last night. Did the render in Zbrush with little paint over in photoshop.




I like this a lot!

thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

Nice design :smiley: really like it alot.

Lepra - thank you!

Here’s a couple more doodles.



Groovy stuff, love the vibe

Thanks WanderingBuffalo :slight_smile:

Daredevil fan art


another quick sketch from a week ago.


small project I been working on over the last few weekends.
Concept by Dani Naimare

a little more progress on Mad Sam. Original concept here

and a 2.5 hour doodle for practice


I have to concur with the previous posts; I love your style. I was curious about your development of this character. Did you force yourself to start from ideation sketches, then creating the character layout sheet (to prepare for image planes in Zbrush/other 3D software program like Maya) . Did you start with Zspheres, then convert to dynamesh?

Did you prepare him for the eventual rigging to animate? If so, what was your process for remeshing? Did you you Zremesher?

Just curious. I am really looking for this style for my own as I’m more attracted to this form of characters. I haven’t found too many tutorials on this type and just was curious of your artistic workflow?

For me, personally, I’ve hit brick walls and never make it into Zbrush because I’m trying to follow a rudimental character design pipeline(thumbnails, sketches, character sheet, develop look, start base mesh in a 3D program like Maya, then import into zbrush, or forego 3D program, start with Zspheres to layout proper proportions, convert to dynamesh until fine details need adding, remove dynamesh add subdivisions, retopologize(zremesher), create maps(ambient, texture, etc.), GoZ to 3D program, rig, etc.

Just curious :).

Thanks srlake314! For this last one, I worked from a concept created by Dani Naimare. I started with base head I created some time ago. Roughed out the proportions and got the head close enough to the concept before I moved on to the body. Honestly, I can’t remember how I started the body this time, but my default go to is ZSpheres. It’s really quick for me to get down the proportions this way. Next I use remesher on the skin created from the spheres. Then I use a combination of inflate, move, and clay brush to get the shapes I want. Since I’m not using an image plane, I brought in the concept images into ZSpotlight and constantly had them up while sculpting. I also did a lot of screen shots to check proportions in Photoshop, check silhouette, and make other misc changes. I haven’t got to retopo on this guy yet but I usually us 3D Coat to do the majority of the work. Then Maya for cleanup, and a combination of 3D Coat(organic shapes), ZBrush(misc-I’m so lazy pieces) and Maya(hard surface) for UV Layout…they all have their pros and cons depending on the item(see my parenthesis by each).

I’ll try and document the process over this way a bit more. I’ve been posting the majority of my weekly progress over at polycount for this guy. Hope that answered your questions :).

Random creature sketch I started for last Friday’s Lunch sketch session. Spent a few more hours on this Friday evening and Sat morning. Just wanted to see how much I could design/block out with dynamesh pieces. It was super fun. May make him a part of my “Characters to Finish” this year.

One more version of slug face dude. I think I like this one better. Major issues with his anatomy though…

late night/early morning quick sketch.

made some changes to Big Pun. Also did a render and comp in photoshop.


One more sketch for the week: Been trying some new things lately. Trying to find what things I like and don’t like. Wanted to push the lighting on this one a bit…perhaps a bit too much. Had a lot of fun with it though. Hope you all like.


Messed around with some old models today. Added some details and fixed a few things I didn’t like before. Still a bit of a ways to go but it was fun pushing these past “way unfinished” to “close to finish”.