Powerful enough

Really cool dude!

Awesome, again : )

Awesome sculpting…! pretty cool concept…

Tony “Butcher”
Hi, everybody.
People often ask me about my work process.
I decided to prepare a timelapse to show how I create my models. From the initial idea to final piece. Hope it will be useful.
Great thanks to my friend Sergey Gricay for help with the final render.


Alien Pen-Holder

Wow, amazing creature. I love anatomy and all these details. Beautiful render as well.

Wow impressive, I love the reinvented anatomy

thats a very sophisticated pen holder :slight_smile:
i bet nobody would accidently throw that pen away because it doesnt write… -.-

Wow, great work! It would look very cool on my desk… :sunglasses:
Ben | 3DGladiator

Nice work!

I like it very much

awesome piece.

That must be an expensive pen-holder, where to purchase? (I’ll need to cash in the 401K)

That’s incredible! Would love to see it printed out!

Wan want want want waaaaaaant!!!

Awesome work.

Splendid work… Are you selling a print of this guy ? I can picture it sitting on my desk.

Oh my… just discovering your work… absolutely gorgeous !