ZSpheres not working correctly

Hi, I am trying to rig this simple model with zspheres. I successfully bound the skin to the skeleton, but when I try to move my model’s limbs or any joint for that matter, the skin folds into itself like an accordion. Does it have to do with joint influence, or is it something else? What do I do? I have no clue how to fix this. It does this for every model I rig with zpheres.

I think I’ve seen this issue posted here or elsewhere before. I believe it is due to binding a high poly mesh to the ZSpheres. Try lowering the subdivision level or ZRemeshing to get a low poly version which you can then subdivide and project detail back onto.

That doesn’t seem to be it. I remeshed and halved the poly count down to 56,000 and its still folding in on itself. Any more remeshing would cause the mesh to have holes in it.

so after many tests, the conclusion is the same as @tobor8man, the mesh density is involved. if you draw more zsphere you will lessen the lack of compensation in the deformation. under 50k it’s acceptable depending of how many zsphere you have drawn.

hope it helps,