ZSphere auto convert mesh and add subtool plugin

Hi Zbrush funs

I’m making a useful tool for making Digital figure of the now

Figure Misc tool

version 0.1.5

what this tool is able?

If you were making a ZSphere the hair of the character,You’ll be sick of conversion work of one by one

this tool automation mesh convert and append making mesh and delete target ZSphere

You have converted this ZSphere subtool? Being at a loss and is eliminated

How to use?

1.figuremisctool.zsc file add Zplugs folder

2.you need convert Zsphere’s subtool select,and Push ZSp cnv mesh button!

3.if ask dialog “This is not an undoable operation…” push OK or Always OK (if you need dont delete target ZSphere subtool to push Cancel

Future versions

It plans to add a lot more features little more future

Best regards support!

Sorry for the bad English




FMT0_1_5.zip (3.81 KB)

Great! Thanks a ton! :slight_smile: This is what I was looking for…